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Senator Jim Molan  AO, DSC

Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC

Senator for New South Wales


Senator Jim Molan retired from the Australian Army in 2008 after 40 years of service. He served as a field commander, infantryman, a helicopter pilot and a military diplomat in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Germany, the US and Iraq. For “distinguished command and leadership in action in Iraq”, Senator Molan was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the Australian Government and the Legion of Merit by the US Government. In August 2008, Senator Molan published his best selling book Running the War in Iraq. Senator Molan has been a commentator on security and military issues in the Australian and international print and electronic media and has written regularly for a number of journals, blogs and newspapers. He has been a director of a number of companies and a consultant to others. As well as being involved in formulating the Coalition’s defence policy while in opposition, Senator Molan was a co-author of the Coalition policy on Border Control. Following the 2013 election, Senator Molan was appointed the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Operation Sovereign Borders. Senator Molan participated in an international ethical evaluation of Operation Protective Edge (Israel’s military action in Gaza 2014) and an investigation of the threat to Israel of Lebanese Hezbollah.

Senator Molan was a candidate for the Australian Senate in 2016. Despite being 7th on the Coalition Party ticket, Senator Molan achieved the fourth highest personal below-the-line vote of all 182 NSW Senate candidates, and the second highest of the 12 candidates on the Coalition ticket, gaining 10,182 personal votes. Senator Molan has been in the leadership group for the Democratic Reform Movement of the NSW Division of the Liberal Party. On the 22 Dec 17, the High Court of Australia appointed Jim as a Senator for New South Wales. He was chair of the Defence sub-committee as well as a member of numerous parliamentary committees including the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security. He made contributions in the area of nuclear power, people smuggling, foreign ownership of critical infrastructure, stillbirth, liquid fuel reserves, national security strategy, veteran support, and defence in general. In the 2019 as a NSW Senate candidate, Senator Molan received over 137,000 personal votes, the highest number of personal votes of any state or federal politician in Australian political history. Senator Molan left the Senate on 1 July 2019 but was reappointed as a Senator on 14 November 2019.

Senator Molan is an Officer in the Order of Australia.