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29 Apr 2020
COVID-19 an opportunity for terrorists or a threat to their existence
The international security zeitgeist is moving away from the war on terror and shifting more towards great power competition between China, the US and...
28 Apr 2020
Chinese ambassador redoubles threats, as nation juggles ‘new normal’
Beijing’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, has joined a growing chorus from Beijing placing increased pressure on the Australian government t...
28 Apr 2020
ASPI raises mounting concerns about SEA 1000 future submarine costs
ASPI analyst Marcus Hellyer has raised renewed concerns about the costs associated with the long-term development and ‘future-proofing’ of the Roy...
27 Apr 2020
CSBA CEO calls for serious US consideration of Aussie B-21 collaboration
Thomas Mahnken, CEO of the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) think tank has called for renewed US support to accommodate a potenti...
23 Apr 2020
INSIGHT: Cyber and information warfare – MAJGEN Marcus Thompson AM, Department of Defence
Major General Marcus Thompson AM has been the head of the information warfare division at the Department of Defence since its establishment in 2017. ...
22 Apr 2020
Assessing the long-term impact of the post-COVID geo-strategic order
Australian strategist Paul Dibb has entered the debate surrounding the impact of COVID-19 upon the established and emerging regional powers, with a p...
21 Apr 2020
US Navy study looks to cut two carriers, recapitalise with unmanned ships
They are the most visible symbol of America’s presence and global reach, and their absence has not gone unnoticed in the Indo-Pacific – neverthel...
20 Apr 2020
ASPI joins growing choir for post-COVID nation-building strategy
ASPI executive director Peter Jennings has issued a challenge for Australia’s policymakers in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, calling on them t...
16 Apr 2020
Right on cue: PLAN conducts muscle-flexing exercise near Taiwan
As if to mock the crippled world, Beijing has launched a provocative series of muscle-flexing exercises near Taiwan and the South China Sea, capitalis...
15 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: The future of ADF mobility and energy security beyond naturally occurring fossil fuels
With growing conversations regarding Australia’s reliable access to liquid fuels being highlighted throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Chris Skinner fr...
14 Apr 2020
Public sentiment continues to back developing true ‘national resilience’
As the Australian public settles into the ‘new normal’, many Australian public policy thinkers and journalists have picked up on the growing groun...
14 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Australia’s fuel (in)security and our lack of national resilience
Australia has long struggled to meet its obligations to maintain a domestic supply of liquid fuels, drawing the condemnation of the International Ener...
9 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: The Loyal Wingman for Singapore’s air force?
The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is in the midst of a far-ranging transformation that constitutes a larger effort by the city-state to trans...
9 Apr 2020
INSIGHT: Establishing a grand strategy – Dr Peter Layton, PhD
On this episode of Defence Connect Insight Podcast, visiting fellow at the Griffith University Asia Institute, Dr Peter Layton, unpacks the forward-lo...
8 Apr 2020
On realism: The US, Iran and COVID-19
Last week, Defence Connect published an article on realism and the coronavirus pandemic. That article touched on the role realism plays in the US an...
8 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: What is Paul Dibb’s real question about Australia’s defence?
In the 15 March edition of The National Interest, renowned Australian strategist Professor Paul Dibb, AM, in his piece, ‘How Australia Can Defend It...
7 Apr 2020
COVID-19 will change Australia’s political discourse and so it should
As is prudent in the aftermath of a crisis, political discourse, government response and protocol adapts to better suit the public sentiment and expec...
6 Apr 2020
US Indo-Pac Command identifies $20bn wish list to deter China
Despite the ongoing turmoil caused by the coronavirus, Indo-Pacific Command, the largest US combatant command, has outlined a $20 billion wish list to...
6 Apr 2020
Spirit of Anzac: Remembering the birth of a national mythology
Despite its age, Australia as a nation has always acquitted itself on the field of battle with honour, bravery and an undying sense of camaraderie ...
3 Apr 2020
Realism and global pandemic
Realism, in terms of international relations theory, focuses primarily on the constraining effects of anarchy, the reasons why great powers compete f...

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Jack Kormas
Sep 24 2020
PODCAST: LAND 129 Phase 3 and supporting sovereign UAS capabilities – Jack Kormas, managing director, Textron Systems Australia
While much of the focus for sovereign industrial capabilities has been for Defence’s big-ticket it...
Raytheon Australia announces team of Aussie SMEs for LAND 129 bid
Sep 24 2020
Raytheon Australia announces team of Aussie SMEs for LAND 129 bid
Raytheon Australia has announced its team of 10 Australian SMEs to deliver a fully sovereign Austra...
Sep 24 2020
DMTC partners with ANU for hyperspectral imaging R&D
Melbourne-based DMTC’s High Altitude Sensor Systems Program has partnered with the Advanced Instr...
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