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18 Aug 2020
South Korea formalises finishing touches for first aircraft carrier
Responding to growing concerns about a sneak attack crippling its land-based air base infrastructure, South Korea has released further details about p...
17 Aug 2020
Learn the lessons of Australia’s pre-war unpreparedness: Geoffrey Blainey
When war came to Australia’s doorstep in 1940 the nation was in the early stages of a vast industrialisation effort to prepare the nation for confli...
14 Aug 2020
Evil Empire 2.0? Australia’s premier strategist raises important question
The concept of the ‘Evil Empire’ galvanised the renewed tensions between the US and Soviet Union following a period of detente. Today, many within...
13 Aug 2020
INSIGHT: An Army in motion – Lieutenant General Rick Burr, AO, DSC, MVO
The Army in Motion philosophy necessitates a force that is continuously adapting to an everchanging environment, taking guidance from its core strengt...
13 Aug 2020
Overlooking the benefits of ‘value add’ manufacturing: Aussie ICC chief calls for more of the same
The global impact of COVID-19 has revealed the nation’s startling over-dependence upon global supply chains, prompting calls to return a level of ma...
12 Aug 2020
Indo-Pacific uptick calls for industry investment
As tensions continue to sour in our immediate backyard, the bulk of authorship has thrown its weight squarely behind the 2020 Defence Strategic Up...
11 Aug 2020
South Korean government pivots to outline post-COVID economic plan
One of the common denominators of the post-COVID world is the disastrous economic impact. In response to these challenges, South Korean President Moon...
11 Aug 2020
Photo essay: Evolution of the EA-18G Growler
Not just any airborne electronic attack (AEA) aircraft, the EA-18G is often referred to as the “world’s most advanced” in the AEA class. Operabl...
10 Aug 2020
ASPI swipe at subs program hides call for industry policy
Cost overruns, build rates and concerns about Australia’s industrial capacity have all coloured the political and public view of Australia’s multi...
10 Aug 2020
Automation: The future of the combat vehicle?
Much has been made of the thrust towards automatisation in recent years – but, until recently, it’s been largely limited to the civilian space. O...
7 Aug 2020
Billion-dollar cyber boost: A cash cow for defence SMEs?
While the release of the national Cyber Security Strategy 2020 yesterday reflects an uptick in financial support for business, government, and househo...
5 Aug 2020
As recession looms can government investment prepare the nation?
With global demand for raw resources and services declining, Australia’s ‘trading economy’ is beginning to feel the burden of COVID, but can gov...
4 Aug 2020
US must increase shipbuilding to keep up with competitors: US senator
As great power competition continues to evolve between the US and China, many within America’s political and policy leadership have recognised that ...
3 Aug 2020
Victorian second wave highlights renewed need for national resilience plan
With projections that Victoria’s second wave could dramatically impact the nation’s recession and recovery, further compounded by the continuing i...
31 Jul 2020
Falling well behind the curve: Australia ranks last in global self-sufficiency ranking
A startling report released by the Australia Institute has revealed that Australia is ranked last among its global peers of ‘developed nations’ wh...
29 Jul 2020
Responsible policy making means accepting a limited ‘Pax Americana’
Pax Americana, or the American Peace, has formed the basis of Australia’s strategic and foreign policy since 1945, however, the honeymoon is at an e...
28 Jul 2020
Walking the tight rope: Calls for Australia to increasingly balance Washington and Beijing
Increasingly, Australia’s relationships with the world’s two superpowers is going to require nuance, balance and pragmatism – it is also going ...
27 Jul 2020
Op-Ed: Foundations for the future – US Marines still call the Pacific home
The US Marines have a proud history of operating in the Pacific, from the shores of Guadalcanal to the black sand beaches of Iwo Jima, and while the g...
27 Jul 2020
Australia steps up regional presence, but more is needed: Strategic policy experts
Australia has made waves in recent weeks, not only questioning Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, but also stepping up the deploym...
24 Jul 2020
Cyber failings an indictment of not just capability, but communication
On 30 June, Prime Minister Scott Morrison earmarked $1.35 billion for cyber security investment over the course of the next decade – a historic h...

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Jack Kormas
Sep 24 2020
PODCAST: LAND 129 Phase 3 and supporting sovereign UAS capabilities - Jack Kormas, Managing Director, Textron Systems Australia
While much of the focus for sovereign industrial capabilities has been for Defence’s big-ticket it...
Raytheon Australia announces team of Aussie SMEs for LAND 129 bid
Sep 24 2020
Raytheon Australia announces team of Aussie SMEs for LAND 129 bid
Raytheon Australia has announced its team of 10 Australian SMEs to deliver a fully sovereign Austra...
Sep 24 2020
DMTC partners with ANU for hyperspectral imaging R&D
Melbourne-based DMTC’s High Altitude Sensor Systems Program has partnered with the Advanced Instr...
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