Warrant Officer Class 2 Mathew Hawkins, a project officer with AMTDU, said a JPADS equipped with MAGU could use a circular DZ, with an accuracy better than 150 metres with 80 per cent confidence.

“A key point of difference is that the JPADS can be dropped from an aircraft significantly higher and further away from the DZ, than if it simply airdropped the load from 1,000 feet,” WO Hawkins said.

“There is also flexibility to utilise a ‘roadway’ mode that is highly accurate to a given axis laterally, while less accurate in a longitudinal sense than ‘accuracy’ mode.

“Its usage potential is vast, with the flexibility of containerising small load items in existing container systems, and a payload range on the family of parachutes between 500 to 4,000 pounds.”

“The loads have the same construction requirements as conventional airdrop, with the parachute configuration taking approximately the same time as conventional systems.”