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30 Aug 2019
Military partners as a fundamental component for enhancing ADF capability
Defence industry can benefit from recruiting from the ADF partner talent pool as part of efforts to grow its workforce to meet the demands associated ...
29 Aug 2019
Defiant China to conduct renewed war games in proximity to Taiwan
Amid mounting regional and global tensions, China has announced plans for a range of new war games near the disputed island of Taiwan, bringing togeth...
28 Aug 2019
Continental air defence interceptors: Does Hugh White’s larger strike fighter force plan make some sense?
Recent conversation about Hugh White’s controversial book How to Defend Australia has raised some important questions about the continent’s air ...
27 Aug 2019
Enhancing Australia’s key regional strategic partnerships
Much has been made of Australia’s relationships with established and emerging superpowers like the US, China and, to a lesser extent, India – how...
27 Aug 2019
Hugh White’s Defence of Australia doctrine sounds worryingly familiar
Following a renewed vision of the 1980’s-era Defence of Australia policy championed by Professor Hugh White, debate has been set alight, with former...
26 Aug 2019
Strategic competition provides immense opportunities for Australia
The ongoing strategic competition between the US and China and, to a lesser extent, the same tempo of competition between Japan and South Korea may ch...
26 Aug 2019
A geostrategic SWOT analysis for Australia
Australia’s rapidly evolving geostrategic neighbourhood is setting the scene for a major challenge to the nation’s traditional approach to strateg...
23 Aug 2019
PM highlights Australia’s important relationship with Vietnam
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has delivered a strong endorsement of the importance of the country’s relationship with Vietnam, while spea...
22 Aug 2019
The growing importance of Australia’s universities in the national security equation
Australia’s world-leading universities and research capacity will play an increasingly important role in the broader national security debate – h...
22 Aug 2019
South Korea outlines plans for fleet modernisation, capability expansion
South Korea has responded to the continuing challenges to Indo-Pacific stability and prosperity, particularly in the contested maritime domain, with t...
21 Aug 2019
Expanding allied interoperability by enabling F-35 cross-decking
With a number of Australia’s allies investing in the short take-off, vertical landing ‘B’ variant of the F-35 and Australian leaders and policy ...
21 Aug 2019
Queensland positions itself as hub for Navy’s force reorientation
As the Royal Australian Navy faces increased operational and strategic responsibilities to the immediate north of the continent, basing and support in...
20 Aug 2019
Securing Australia’s naval shipbuilding future and navigating the challenges of industry modernisation
Australia’s record $95 billion shipbuilding program is poised to reshape the nation’s naval shipbuilding capacity and the future warfare capabilit...
20 Aug 2019
Japan leads development of regional ‘capability aggregation and collective deterrence’
The Japanese government’s approval of the F-35B acquisition and modernisation of its maritime capabilities has been designed to reinforce the nation...
20 Aug 2019
Expanding the capability of the OPVs ahead of mission creep
Australia’s Armidale Class patrol boats have steadily experienced mission creep throughout their operational life, therefore it is reasonable to ass...
19 Aug 2019
US Studies Centre study calls for greater Australian Indo-Pacific pivot
The perfect storm of factors is seeing the US military capability in the Indo-Pacific “atrophy” in the face of rising tactical and strategic chall...
19 Aug 2019
Fortress Australia 2.0: Hardening the continent’s north
There is a growing consensus among Australia’s strategic policy apparatus that the north of the continent is going to play an increasingly important...
16 Aug 2019
Using a national network of Centres of Excellence to support industrial capability
Combining the legislative and policy-setting power of state and federal government provides an opportunity to develop an interconnected network of hig...
16 Aug 2019
Expanding the Gap Year program to support Australia’s growing regional responsibilities
The ADF Gap Year program has served as a powerful recruitment tool, providing school leavers with the opportunity to experience life in the Armed Forc...
15 Aug 2019
Projecting Australian power from behind a continental shield
Much has been made in recent months of turning Australia into the equivalent of a strategic echidna, a target so prickly that potential adversaries wi...

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Sep 23 2020
World’s rush to limit manufacturing dependence on China presents opportunity
Growing concern about overdependence on easily hindered supply chains has prompted many nations and ...
Sep 23 2020
Marines establish new littoral capability to counter South China Sea forts
The US Marines have introduced a new littoral regiment designed to directly counter Beijing’s Sout...
Sep 23 2020
Tasmanian SME secures defence export competitiveness grant
Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price has announced that the federal government has awarded a $150...
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