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Defence launches new DISP portal

December 08 2023
Defence has launched a new portal to streamline membership applications for the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). ...
Lockheed Martin Australia releases reconciliation plan
Lockheed Martin Australia has launched its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, developed in accordance with Reconciliation Australia’s framework, to strengthen the...
December 07 2023
Advanced Navigation wins Defence grant for photonic chip manufacture
Sydney artificial intelligence robotics and navigation technology manufacturer Advanced Navigation has been awarded a grant by the Australian Department of Defence to advance...
December 07 2023
Significant defence investment discovered in Australia’s Future Fund
Investigation into Australia’s sovereign wealth fund and single-largest financial asset, the Future Fund, has revealed significant investment into the international...
December 07 2023
Hanwha, Poland boost industry ties with additional howitzer contract, tech transfer
Hanwha Aerospace has announced the signing of an additional executive contract with the Polish Armaments Agency worth 3.45 trillion Korean won (US$2.6 billion) to support the...
December 06 2023
Tilling the soil: Creating the environment for a successful defence industrial base
Ask any gardener worth their salt and they will tell you, to get the best results, you have to prepare the soil. Getting any new industry off the ground requires an equally...
December 06 2023
Former RAN commander Max York to lead AMSL Aero into local, international markets
Former Royal Australian Navy commander Max York will take up the reigns as chief executive officer and managing director of Australian aviation company AMSL Aero as it pushes...
December 06 2023
Bravery Trek raises $100k to support Australian veterans
Bravery Trust’s fourth annual Bravery Trek raised over $100,000, providing urgent financial aid to veterans and initiating important conversations around the challenges...
December 05 2023
Rheinmetall to supply 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine in new large-volume order
German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall will supply tens of thousands of 155mm artillery rounds to Ukraine in a large-volume order worth US$154 million.
December 05 2023
Arkeus secures manufacturing and development funding for optical systems
Australian optical autonomy company Arkeus has raised $4.45 million in seed funding, as the company develops artificial intelligence-powered hardware for autonomous drones...
December 05 2023