Delivering training efficacy requires proven expertise

CAE Australia and Leidos Australia discuss how developing skilled personnel ready for high-stakes environments can only be achieved with the right combination of knowledge and experience.

CAE Australia and Leidos Australia discuss how developing skilled personnel ready for high-stakes environments can only be achieved with the right combination of knowledge and experience.

There is a distinction between training and education that is often understated. Educating a student requires the proper tools, curriculum, and facilities to support their growth. However, training a student successfully depends on the right methodology and professionals to transform learning behaviours and assess performance gaps. Training transformation is what is needed for a student to be ready to perform, respond, and continuously improve at a sustained rate.

As part of the Air Force’s strategy to be ‘ready, resilient, and resourceful,’ the 2023 Defence Strategic Review calls to “increase the numbers of critical positions and implement a scalable aircrew training system to meet requirements across the force”. As the nation contends with evolving strategic challenges, a firm focus remains on developing minimum viable capability improvements while generating highly skilled personnel in the shortest possible time.

This strategy is apparent in the Commonwealth’s Request for Tender for Project AIR 5428 Phase 3, as the Royal Australian Air Force seeks to transform the Air Mission training experience, developing a targeted number of students to meet complex operational requirements.

For decades, the RAAF’s Mission Aviators have mastered tactical coordination and decision-making at speed, to complete each mission safely and securely. Effectively developing this level of airmanship, at scale, requires a comprehensive and high-fidelity training solution that can evolve with changing educational and operational requirements. Above all else, the professional expertise required to deliver and sustain this training solution cannot be understated; it is a critical enabler in developing the right skill, knowledge and preparation sought for the next generation of RAAF Mission Aviators.

For a collective 58 years, CAE Australia and Leidos Australia have demonstrated a proven approach to training, playing a crucial role in the successful training and operations of the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Border Force, and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

With the support of key industry partners like Leidos, CAE is responding to the Commonwealth for AIR 5428-3, to effectively transform the student and instructor training experience for the future.

Increasing successful outcomes through experience

Developing, delivering, and sustaining global training for military, civil, and healthcare customers is at the core of CAE’s success. For more than 75 years, CAE has transformed training operations for over 40 military customers worldwide, aligning training assets, models, programs, and operations to maintain training continuity.

A thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) establishes the work CAE achieves with its global partners to develop an integrated solution tailored to the needs of the operator, instructor, and student. This phased approach successfully graduates 2,500 aircrew in Australia each year, part of the 220,000 CAE alumni across the world. CAE’s expert team of integration specialists, technicians, qualified training instructors, program managers and engineers – many of whom are experienced Veterans – play a pivotal role in maintaining training delivery, reducing costs, and minimising potential disruptions for operators.

Joining forces on AIR 5428-3 to present unique end-to-end experience in the air domain, Leidos presents over 25 years of experience in recruiting, training, and deploying mission aircrew, as the largest employer of mission aircrew outside of the Australian Defence Force.

Trusted to develop critical training and deploy operations on behalf of the Australian Government, Leidos’ fleet of modified turboprop and jet aircraft conducts over 2,500 critical aerial border surveillance and search-and-rescue missions each year, led by the expertise of in-house mission aircrew actively contributing to our nation’s security and safety.

It is this unique combination of knowledge and experience, that has enabled CAE’s team to understand the challenge, assessment, and solution required to effectively train and develop personnel.

Streamlining training delivery

Establishing a training system requires the highest levels of technical and management skills, agility, and experience. CAE and strategic partners like Leidos, have a delivered instructional support and training solutions that are adaptable, scalable, and are trusted to accelerate the rate of competency.

CAE has empowered its customers with the integration and implementation next-generation technologies and advanced learning methodologies, designed to streamline pilot training and create open, self-paced and student-centric training environments.

Leveraging modern training technologies such as high-fidelity simulators and mixed-reality training devices, the traditional live instructor-student pairing is transformed by a virtual instructor who can monitor several students simultaneously, providing virtual feedback and coaching driven by powerful artificial intelligence. Students are carefully guided through challenging modules, without placing pressure on instructors or slowing down their progression throughout entire courses.

Developing a coach-athlete mentality between instructors and students, these new training methodologies have enabled students to perform at new limits, rapidly developing their ability to think and perform in complex scenarios. CAE has positioned customers at the forefront of operational capability by accelerating the rate of student competency with a scalable and tailored solution.

Deploying vast knowledge of training delivery and system design, training professionals like CAE and Leidos offer an unrivalled advantage for future aircrew and operators. Effective training expertise equips them with the right knowledge, support, and tools required to excel in critical high-stakes environments.

Leveraging global experience delivering training solutions to Five-Eye forces, CAE primes Team AUStringer to deliver an innovative, scalable, and evolvable Future Mission Aviator Training System that fully integrates leading-edge technology, accelerating RAAF decision-making capability in complex operational environments. Together with partners Adacel, Leidos Australia, Milskil, MMCLD, and Nova Systems Australia and New Zealand, CAE seeks to partner with the RAAF to deliver a world-class training institution for Australia’s Mission Aviators. Learn more:

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