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Israel Aerospace Industries secures loitering munitions orders

Long range loitering munitions. Photo: IAI.

Israeli defence manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries will supply long-range loitering munitions under two contracts worth a combined $145 million.

Israeli defence manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries will supply long-range loitering munitions under two contracts worth a combined $145 million.

The separate orders for two unnamed countries follow a previous contract signed earlier this year, which has also declared the purchase of Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) long-range loitering munitions.

IAI long-range loitering munitions include the Harpy NG, the Harpy-derivative HAROP, and Mini Harpy (anti-tank warhead).


This series of orders represents the growing global demand for IAI’s long-range loitering munition family and demonstrates IAI’s unique capability in this market segment, according to IAI president and chief executive officer Boaz Levy.

“Loitering munitions have proven critical to achieving operational success on the battlefield worldwide,” he said.

“The flexibility in strikes that can be achieved with a loitering munition is a major advantage in combat and the type of precision reached is of strategic and national importance.

“The latest orders emphasize the trust in IAI’s loitering munitions family in bringing the required advantages to each country, respectively.”

Earlier this year, Israel Aerospace Industries secured contracts for the supply of Rotem loitering munition drones to three NATO countries in June.

The Israeli aerospace and aviation manufacturer signed separate contracts allegedly worth several millions of dollars for supplies of the vertical take-off and landing, tactical loitering munition, according to a company statement earlier this month.

The Rotem provides an elevated view of the battlefield while in flight using day and night electro-optic sensors while also acting as a weapon of opportunity against targets as they appear.

MBT missile division vice-president and general manager Avi Elisha said the system can be deployed by an individual soldier, with a flight endurance of 30 minutes and provides cost-effective solution up to a range of 10 kilometres.

“This announcement follows the decision of another NATO member, Estonia, to purchase IAI’s long-range loitering munitions,” he said.

“Acquisition of Rotem by three different NATO members reflects the high and growing global demand for tactical loitering munitions.

“IAI has extensive experience in loitering munitions, having invented this type of munition almost 40 years ago.

“Rotem’s unique capabilities include vertical take-off and landing, making it a perfect choice for close combat scenarios, including urban combat.”

Rotem can be launched to seek a target but is disarmed if authorisation to attack is not received and returns to be retrieved safely, he said.

The system has a loiter time of up to nine hours as well as the capability to hover with an open camera and data link while waiting for the target to emerge.

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