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Top gun in training: Defence launches recruitment blitz for Royal Australian Air Force

A new “Up There, Where Potential Lives” recruitment campaign has been launched to inspire young Australians to join the Royal Australian Air Force.

A new “Up There, Where Potential Lives” recruitment campaign has been launched to inspire young Australians to join the Royal Australian Air Force.

The new Defence recruitment campaign, unveiled on 17 March, encourages Australians to consider an aviation, medical, intelligence, space or cyber-focused career in the RAAF.

The campaign uses a number of aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force fleet including F-35A Lightning II and F/A-18F Super Hornet jets, an E-7A Wedgetail, and a C-17A Globemaster heavy airlifter.


Each was filmed from an L-39 jet with a high-definition gimbal camera, the first time this piece of technology has been used in Australia.

Federal Minister for Defence Personnel and Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh, speaking during a press conference in Perth on 17 March, said the campaign highlights the diversity of roles across our Air Force, not just in terms of flying, but the technical roles, the mechanics, the technicians, electronic warfare, cyber and also the space domain.

“Making sure that people see the full breadth of opportunity in our Air Force as part of growing not only our Air Force, but our entire Defence Force where we need to be growing, so many different diverse roles that people don’t necessarily know exist in our Defence Force,” he said.

“Our Air Force is quite successful in its recruitment endeavours. But the areas we really need to focus on around those engineering roles, those intelligence, cyber warfare, electronic warfare roles, and also this new space domain that is so critical now to the work that we do. They’re the areas we’re focused on growing.

“What we see with the focus on technological roles in our Defence Force is it reflects what we’re seeing across broader society, we need people that have got good STEM skills to come into our Defence Force. And it reflects as well, the way in which technology is evolving, we are much more reliant on technology in the way that we undertake all of our work across the Defence Force, whether it’s a fifth-generation fighter jet, all the way through to the work of our Navy, our Army, on the ground. And of course, the new domains of cyber and space really highlight how important it is having people with technical skills and knowledge and building those technical skills and knowledge within our Defence Force as well.

“It shouldn’t be missed that we will pay for people to go to university, we will train you, we will provide you support in housing, and healthcare as well. So it’s not just the breadth of roles, but it’s the great support and value you get out of being in the Defence Force as well.

“Those that are currently in high school thinking about what their career is going to be when they leave school, whether that’s at the end of this year, or in a few years’ time, we’re also making sure that people who might be reconsidering the career that they’re in now that might be in their sort of mid-20s through to their mid-30s, looking for a career change, that they consider a role in Air Force or role in Defence for their next career.

“We’re looking to grow our Defence Force by 1,000s each year. So there are so many opportunities and roles that we’re looking to grow across our Defence Force, across Air Force, which this advertising campaign focuses on in particular, but there’s nearly 300 different types of roles across our Defence Force, we need 1,000’s more people to be joining our Defence Force each year. So there’s plenty of opportunity for people.”

The Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Robert Chipman, AO, CSC, said the campaign highlighted the variety of roles aviators had in the Air Force.

“The Air Force is a modern, future-focused and technologically-advanced organisation, delivering air power as part of the joint force,” AIRMSHL Chipman said.

“We need to continue to build an intelligent and skilled workforce that supports Air Force’s current and emerging capabilities.

“I encourage all young Australians to consider their potential and a career full of challenge, adventure and purpose, up there.”

Acting chief of personnel, Major General Wade Stothart, said Up There aimed at promoting Air Force careers to Australians aged between 16 and 35.

“A career in the Air Force enables you to operate leading technology and receive world-class training and education, along with a range of other benefits available to all Australian Defence Force personnel,” MAJGEN Stothart said.

“We know people are seeking a competitive salary, job security and flexible hours – a career in the Air Force can provide all of these things and more.

“There are a variety of recruitment pathways for people who are curious about a role in the Air Force, from entry level for young people straight out of school to mid-career professionals seeking a change of course.”

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