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Promoted by Fountx

TAE Aerospace has a long history of adding value to its partnerships with Defence and industry, both within and outside of Australia.

Promoted by Fountx

TAE Aerospace has a long history of adding value to its partnerships with Defence and industry, both within and outside of Australia.

Having seen a promising technology under development at CSIRO, TAE Aerospace CEO Andrew Sanderson immediately connected its potential to assist the aerospace and defence industries in a wide range of time-critical situations, such as AOG (Aircraft on Ground) emergencies.


An agreement was formed between CSIRO and TAE Aerospace to commercialise the technology, and in late 2017 Fountx Pty Ltd was established as a separate entity to develop the product to market readiness.

The result of many rounds of product refinements and rigourous testing is fountx_AsR. It’s a tool that allows an onsite technician to collaborate with an expert many miles away – or across the globe – in an assisted reality environment that mirrors natural interaction. With fountx, the expert and technician share the same view, helping technicians with a range of skill levels to perform maintenance tasks quickly and safely.

One of the challenges in aerospace, defence and aviation is the need to uphold extremely high standards of quality and safety in the face of pressure to reduce costs. The team at Fountx believe that their product can help airlines, OEMs, MROs and military operators to manage such challenges. Using fountx_AsR can help reduce flight delays, increase time on wing, lower the need to send FSRs or specialists to site for low-level issues, and reduce the need to remove engines or components in the deployed environment.

One of the first companies to purchase fountx-AsR is Singapore-based ST Aerospace. ST Aerospace chief operating officer, Jeffrey Lam said trials of Fountx_AsR were part of the company’s efforts to introduce “smart technologies” in line with their commitment to delivering services to the highest quality and safety standards. ST Aerospace employs around 9,000 people globally and conducts MRO work for airlines, air freight operators and Defence Forces.

Fountx_AsR is also assisting TAE Aerospace to gain efficiencies within its own operations. As a global company based in Australia, TAE Aerospace technicians are on call 24 hours per day providing assistance to airline operators, private pilots and Defence Forces in New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa and North America. Using Fountx_AsR, technicians on site around the world have been able to conduct a range of tasks with guidance from an expert sitting at their desk in Australia. It has removed the time and cost associated with sending a team to site on several occasions and is providing a valuable tool for TAE Aerospace operations.  

While fountx_AsR is aimed at a global market, both TAE Aerospace and Fountx are proud that this technology is developed and manufactured Australia, and is commercialised by a company that is 100% Australian as well.

For a product demonstration or further information about fountx_AsR, please visit the fountx website.


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