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Austal Vietnam secures passenger cargo vessel contract

Austal Vietnam has been awarded a contract by the French Polynesian Degage Group for a 71-metre roll-on-roll off passenger cargo vessel.

Austal Vietnam has been awarded a contract by the French Polynesian Degage Group for a 71-metre roll-on-roll off passenger cargo vessel.

The shipbuilder said in an investor relations statement that it could not disclose the purchase price, however, that it falls between $30 to $40 million.

The ship will transport between Papeete and the Palliser Islands in French Polynesia.


The ship can seat up to 140 passengers and 17 crew and measures a 494-square metre main cargo deck that can transport 10- and 20-foot containers, palletised cargo, and vehicles.

The ship has a range of 1,000 nautical miles and has a cruising speed of 12 knots.

It represents the fifth ferry designed and constructed by the shipbuilder for the Degage Group.

“This contract is a testament to the successful business partnership developed between Austal and the Degage Group over a number of decades; reflecting the Degage Group’s great satisfaction in the Austal ferries delivered to date and their tremendous confidence in our team’s capability to deliver this all-new, steel hull design,” Paddy Gregg, Austal Limited chief executive officer, said.

“In less than five years, the world-class shipbuilding team at Austal Vietnam has delivered three major ferry projects, for operators around the world, and now they are ready to take on their first steel hull ship, for one of our most valued customers.

“Our sincere thanks and warmest congratulations to both the Degage Group and the Austal Vietnam team on this exciting new shipbuilding project that adds yet another, innovative ferry platform to the Austal commercial portfolio.”

Austal has already delivered two 69-metre cruise ships, a 56-metre passenger catamaran ferry, an 80-metre vehicle passenger catamaran ferry, a 49-metre vehicle passenger ferry, and a 66-metre high-speed catamaran for the Degage Group.

Eugene Degage, owner and managing director of the Degage Group, welcomed the ongoing partnership.

“We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with the Austal shipyard, which has successfully built vessels for our Degage Group fleet. This success is testament to the trust we place in their expertise and Page 2 of 4 professionalism,” Degage said.

“Each vessel is a testament to their dedication to delivering superior products that combine innovation and performance. Their unwavering commitment and attention to detail ensures that these vessels meet the highest industry standards.

“This fruitful collaboration reinforces our conviction that Austal shipyard is a reliable and competent partner for large-scale marine projects. We look forward to continuing this relationship and exploring new opportunities together.”

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