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Ukrainian leadership, Australian defence industry meet to expand cooperation

EOS meeting with Ukrainian leadership. Photo: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Ukrainian defence leadership has met with Australian defence industry representatives to expand international cooperation and military capabilities.

Ukrainian defence leadership has met with Australian defence industry representatives to expand international cooperation and military capabilities.

Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Dmytro Klimenkov met with EOS Defence Systems’ Scott Hicks, vice-president of sales and business development, and Marc Essig, vice-president of global sales and marketing, to discuss technology cooperation and potential collaboration opportunities.

Ukraine has previously acquired and reportedly fielded technology manufactured by the Canberra-based defence company such as the Australian-made 30mm Slinger counter-drone weapon system. Each “Slinger” contains a radar, 30mm stabilised cannon with proximity-fuse, hi-explosive or armour-piercing ammunition designed for tracking, and drone engagement at a range of more than 800 metres.


“Ukraine continues to work actively to modernise its defence capabilities and expand international cooperation,” said Deputy Minister Klimenkov.

“The transition to direct contracts with arms manufacturers will allow Ukraine to reduce its dependence on intermediaries and at the same time increase our defence capabilities.

“Your assistance (from Australia to Ukraine) is crucial for us in these difficult times. We appreciate the solidarity and support provided by the Australian people.”

Ukraine is reportedly interested in developing technologies for integrating weapon systems into various land and maritime platforms to provide solutions for countering unmanned aerial vehicles and ground targets, according to a statement published late last month by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Earlier this year, EOS confirmed its interest in using a modular design to easily integrate with existing platforms, allow rapid battle damage repair and accommodate different weapon types, according to statements made by EOS to Military Vehicle Systems about the Slinger weapon system.

“The system features a state-of-the-art fire control system, capable of automatically tracking and acquiring targets, allowing the operator to engage at a chosen time,” an EOS spokesperson said.

“It utilises advanced algorithms for target detection and tracking, ensuring high precision in threat engagements. The system is fully stabilised with a four-axis gimbal employing three axis (yaw, pitch and roll) stabilisation of the sensor unit that allows exquisite pointing on the move. The system’s modular design allows for easy integration with existing platforms, rapid battle damage repair and can accommodate various weapon types, including machine guns, cannons, rockets, and missiles.

“Slinger’s innovative approach to counter-drone technology, combining advanced software, precise targeting and versatile weapon options, sets it apart as a leading solution in the field. Its ability to provide effective and efficient drone defeat capabilities makes it a valuable asset for military and security forces worldwide.

“We are actively working with AI companies to automate target identification. However, when integrated into a Battlefield level system the Slinger quickly gains the Recognised Air Picture (RAP) from the native sensors within the battlegroup.

“We have received significant feedback during development and user trials of the Slinger system. Currently we are moving into wireless versions for employment on uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs).

“We continuously adapt to technological advancements and customer preferences. Our systems are increasingly being integrated with rockets and missiles, such as the APKWS 70mm rocket system, 70mm unguided rockets and missiles. Our options are expanding, offering greater range and targeting capabilities.

“We have had success in the US market with the sale of Slinger systems to the US government. The systems are intended for integration into the Northrop Grumman Agnostic Gun Truck (AGT), enhancing its counter-drone capabilities.

“Additionally, the German government has acquired Slinger systems for deployment in Ukraine to protect IRIS-T radar systems from small drone threats. This sale, valued at approximately AU$15 million, highlights the growing demand for our counter-drone technology in international markets.

“Outside of Slinger, EOS has been collaborating with L3Harris on its R150 gimbal, which is being used in Ukraine on the L3Harris VAMPIRE systems. The R150 gimbal provides precise targeting capabilities, enhancing the effectiveness of these counter-drone systems in the field.”

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