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Nucleus Cyber launches enhanced information security offering

Nucleus Cyber launches enhanced information security offering

The archTIS subsidiary has rolled out the latest version of its flagship product, designed to simplify its security offering for Microsoft Teams.

The archTIS subsidiary has rolled out the latest version of its flagship product, designed to simplify its security offering for Microsoft Teams.

Nucleus Cyber, a global information protection business acquired by Canberra-based cyber security firm archTIS late last year, has announced the latest release of its NC Protect product.

The updated product has been designed to simplify security for Microsoft Teams, helping to ensure secure collaboration as teams and channels are provisioned by users.


The updated service enables team owners to leverage default rule sets to prevent accidental sharing, data loss and misuse, while also facilitating secure guest access and sharing.

Specifically, the key features of NC Protect’s latest version include:

  • Integration with the Microsoft Teams UI — enabling a team’s owner to select and apply default information protection rule sets to the team or channel from the NC Protect tab;
  • Information protection — enabling users to select from default policies to control access to content and add additional protection to documents;
  • Channel security — enabling users to control whether a channel inherits the security policies from the team, or its policies are set individually;
  • Guest access — enabling users to control guest access to a team or channel and apply additional security features, including forced viewing of sensitive information in a read only secure web reader and watermarks;
  • Privacy settings – enabling users to apply additional privacy controls to a team or channel to control access; and
  • Customisation – eEnabling users to customise default rules sets to meet an organisation’s individual security needs and policies.

“User managed tools like Microsoft Teams make it difficult to keep track of data and ensure that an organisation’s information security, sharing and usage policies are being followed as new teams and channels can quickly be spun up by users, not IT,” Kurt Mueffelmann, global COO of Nucleus Cyber and archTIS said.

“With that in mind we set out to make it easy for NC Protect users to secure new teams and channels using default security policies without involving IT.

“NC Protect now includes built-in default rule sets which allow team owners to set security from within the Microsoft Teams app itself with just a few clicks, without any IT knowledge or skills to ensure internal and external users can collaborate securely.”

The new  release comes just weeks after the Department of Defence renewed a software subscription licence for Nucleus Cyber’s NC Protect product, valued at $148,866 per year.

This marked the archTIS group’s second software license contract with the Department of Defence over the 2021 financial year (FY21).

The group recently secured a $4.2 million contract to lead risk reduction activities relating to cross-domain classified information sharing, which included $750,000 annual licences for Kojensi (archTIS’ secure information sharing platform for classified information).

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