Elexon Electronics Launches Zero-Defect Elexon2Zero Initiative

Elexon Electronics' Elexon2Zero initiative is redefining recovery with goals of zero defects, delays, and returns in a world-class quality program.

Elexon Electronics' Elexon2Zero initiative is redefining recovery with goals of zero defects, delays, and returns in a world-class quality program.

Brisbane-based Elexon Electronics is embarking on a transformative journey with its Elexon2Zero program. This initiative marks a significant evolution in the post-recovery business era, introducing a world-class quality enhancement program with ambitious goals: zero defects, zero delays, and zero returns.

Fire Incident as the Start of Elexon 2.0

The genesis of this transformative journey began with a devastating fire in August last year, which reduced their two-decade-old site to rubble. Seizing the opportunity to innovate, Elexon Electronics swiftly moved to acquire a new facility, twice as large and just 1.5km from the old site in Brendale, on Brisbane’s northside.

Together with industry partners Mycronic Technologies AB, Suba Engineering, and HW Technologies, Elexon's team worked tirelessly to establish a new Industry 4.0 facility. This state-of-the-art site was up and running just four months after the fire, marking the commencement of what Elexon internally calls Elexon 2.0.

Smart Factory

The core of the Elexon2Zero initiative is the new Industry 4.0 facility, equipped with the latest global manufacturing technologies. This includes two advanced surface mount technology (SMT) lines for producing high-performance and reliable Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs).

Embracing Six Sigma, Lean, and Agile methodologies, Elexon Electronics has enhanced its operational responsiveness, efficiency, and customer focus. This strategic shift was complemented by a comprehensive internal restructuring of teams and processes, which emphasized ownership and empowered staff to drive independent improvement initiatives.

Zero Defects, Zero Delays, Zero Returns

"We are committed to taking Elexon Electronics into the future as a zero-fault, high-quality precision design and manufacturing leader," said CEO Frank Faller. "Our Elexon2Zero program is central to our evolution as we redefine manufacturing standards in Australia and strive for a net-zero future."

Drawing from standards at leading automotive manufacturers like VW, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche, where zero-fault manufacturing is the norm, Elexon is introducing these rigorous practices in Brendale. This approach is aimed not just at improving their company but also at elevating Australia’s manufacturing industry to a global stage.

Quality Management and Sustainability

As Australia aims for net-zero emissions by 2050, Elexon Electronics is integrating systems and equipment to ensure the highest quality, responsible sourcing, and sustainable production. Quality Manager Kylie Warren is at the forefront of enhancing efficiency and traceability, ensuring that Elexon stays ahead of global competition.

"Our strength lies in a well-balanced combination of automated processes and skilled team efforts, which are essential for high-end precision manufacturing," said Warren.

Championing Australian Manufacturing Success

Over the past year, Elexon has taken its second chance seriously, consolidating its position as a leading Australian manufacturer for specialized projects. "Driving the success of the wider manufacturing industry remains a key goal for us," added Faller.

By showcasing the robustness, sustainability, and dependability of Australian manufacturing, Elexon is committed to demonstrating that Australia can compete sustainably with cheaper offshore manufacturers.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Elexon’s facility is outfitted with specialized inspection machines like 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), 3D CT X-ray equipment, 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and Flying Probe testers. These tools play a crucial role in optimizing production, enhancing overall efficiency, and ensuring the integrity and functionality of components.

By integrating advanced technologies and stringent quality controls, Elexon Electronics is setting new standards in the electronics manufacturing industry, enhancing product reliability and setting a benchmark for excellence.

About Elexon Electronics

Elexon Electronics is a 100% Australian-owned company that has been delivering innovative electronic solutions for industries like defence, mining, and automotive for over 16 years. With the transformation of its production into an Industry 4.0 facility, Elexon continues to lead in design, prototyping, and manufacturing, ensuring control over quality and lead times. From its high-tech facility, Elexon supports global operators with unique, robust electronic systems.

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