Resilient supply chain required to deliver the ADF‘s “North Star”

Toll is well-placed to support the ADF’s focus on increased capability in Australia’s North, through its resilient supply chain, secure processes and robust network.

Toll is well-placed to support the ADF’s focus on increased capability in Australia’s North, through its resilient supply chain, secure processes and robust network.

Toll is a trusted partner of the ADF, providing flexibility and scale to any supply chain needs through their vast warehousing network. Toll have over 400 sites across Australia in key urban and regional areas, ensuring proximity and accessibility to the ADF's operations and supply chains at short notice. Toll also has the capability to set up and manage temporary or mobile warehouses in remote or challenging locations, using their modular and containerised solutions.

Toll’s warehouses are equipped with technology and systems that enable efficient and secure storage for assets and inventory. Advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) are employed to monitor and control the movement and location of goods, as well as to provide real-time visibility and reporting. Toll also adheres to strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that their customers assets are protected and maintained in optimal condition.

Toll is recognised for its resilience and agility, allowing for rapid deployment of resources and processes to effectively meet and manage the ADF's changing operational challenges. Toll has a dedicated team of experienced and qualified staff, who are passionate about driving innovation in the handling of the ADF’s specialised and sensitive equipment.

As a top 20 prime contractor to the ADF, Toll understands what Defence needs and how they can enable success. Perry Singh, President of Toll Government and Defence, is proud and passionate about how providing the resources to the team to drive real evolution on behalf of the ADF.

“We have a collaborative and transparent relationship with the ADF, working closely with them to understand their needs and deliver tailored and integrated solutions.” Mr Singh said.

IMAGES: Toll Government and Defence are currently the 2023 ADIA Prime Contractor of the year and are a 2024 finalist.

Network in the North, supported by capability in the South

Toll is committed to expanding its network in Northern Australia, to align with the ADF's strategic and operational needs. Toll has invested in new facilities and equipment to provide a more agile supply chain network ensuring greater storage capacity, faster delivery and enhanced support for the ADF's assets and inventory. Toll has the capacity to leverage some existing facilities, to further assist in supply chain advancement across different modes of transport and locations.

Toll’s expansion and enhanced network in Northern Australia will add to their existing capability elsewhere across the country. Toll recognises the importance of maintaining and enhancing its capability in the other capital cities and key regional areas, further enhancing the ADF's warehousing, operational and training facilities. Toll can adopt technologies and systems to enable real-time visibility and coordination of the ADF's assets and inventory across the whole of the country. Toll also draws on its extensive experience, expertise and existing network of facilities to provide best practices and continuous improvement throughout the ADF’s supply chain across Australia.

Resilient structure and processes

Toll's resilient structure, secure process and IT technology can provide significant advantages for the ADF, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Toll’s innovation and technology enables faster and more accurate processing, picking and packing, which results in reduced errors and supply chain efficiencies. Toll's agility improves the flexibility and adaptability of the ADF's changing demands and operational priorities, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of goods and services.

Increased supply chain accuracy and accountability is a further advantage of engaging Toll's technologies. By providing real-time data and tracking of the ADF's assets and inventory, from the point of origin to the point of consumption, Toll can better plan, forecast and make decisions to lower the cost of ownership and improve auditability and compliance. Toll's quality and safety standards ensure that the ADF's assets are stored and handled securely and properly, minimising risks of damage, loss or theft.

Improved cost-effectiveness and value will be delivered as Toll's technology reduces operational costs and wastage, by optimising space, inventory levels and labour productivity. Toll's resilient structures and processes enable scalability and responsiveness through leveraging its network to activate and deploy resources as needed. Toll's collaborative and transparent relationship with the ADF ensures alignment of goals and expectations, as well as customised and integrated solutions that meet the ADF's specific needs and operational challenges.

Storage capability, tracking and management

Toll's storage capability, movement options, tracking technology and supply chain agility will provide the ADF with a range of advantages such as improved efficiency and effectiveness, increased flexibility, scalability and enhanced security and compliance.

Toll's supply chain capability allows the ADF to augment its space utilisation, reduce its inventory costs and enhance its readiness and responsiveness. Toll's movement options and freight tracking technology enable the ADF to monitor and control its assets and inventory in transit, ensuring timely and accurate delivery and reducing the risk of loss or damage. Toll's supply chain management provides the ADF with end-to-end visibility and coordination of its logistics operations, enhancing planning, decision making and performance measurement.

Toll's supply chain management will only enhance the ADF’s ability to adapt to changing operational requirements and contingencies. Toll can provide the ADF with tailored and customised solutions, such as modular and mobile storage units, specialised transport vehicles and equipment, a

nd dedicated warehousing and distribution facilities. Toll can also scale up or down resources and services according to the ADF's demand and budget.

Toll’s robust security protocols and measures, such as access control, CCTV, alarms and guards, are in place to prevent unauthorised access, theft or sabotage. Toll also has rigorous quality assurance and audit processes, such as ISO 9001 certification, to ensure compliance with the ADF's policies and procedures.


Toll uses advanced technologies, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Goods to Person Shuttle System, automated sorting machines, and automated packing machines to automate tasks such as picking, packing and sorting and loading of goods. These technologies will increase the speed and precision of the ADF's operations, while reducing labour costs and risks and can help the ADF streamline its entire supply chain processes.

Toll's automation capabilities can also provide the ADF with greater visibility and control over its supply chain. Toll uses cloud-based platforms and software, such as Toll Online and Toll Control Tower, to monitor and track the movement and status of goods across its network. These platforms can provide the ADF with real-time data and analytics, such as inventory levels, shipment locations, delivery times and performance indicators. This can enable the ADF to make informed decisions and optimise its logistics strategy.

Incorporating ADF members or reservists to bolster workforce

Toll is also looking to leverage ADF veterans’ expertise and experience by bolstering its workforce and incorporating more veterans and reservists into its supply chain and operations, enabling surge capacity and readiness.

Toll's operational capabilities can be complemented by the skills and knowledge of ADF veterans and reservists, who will be able to bring valuable insights and perspectives to the logistics industry. Toll recognises the importance of supporting veterans in and out of service and offers flexible and rewarding career opportunities. Toll values the ADF's core competencies, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and resilience, and provides training and development programs to help them transition and thrive in the civilian workforce.

Toll's supply chain innovations will only be enhanced by the availability and operational knowledge of veterans and reservists, who can provide additional manpower and resources in times of increased demand or emergency. Toll understands the operational needs and challenges of the ADF and can mobilise its workforce quickly and efficiently to meet ADF requirements. Toll also supports the ADF's mission and objectives and can adapt its services and solutions to suit the ADF's changing needs and circumstances.

Various events over the last 5 years have exposed the vulnerabilities of today’s global supply chains. Supply chain leaders are required to future proof their supply chain and can do this by recognising three new priorities: resilience, agility and sustainability. These new priorities coupled with the traditional objectives of cost, quality, and service can redesign the supply chains accordingly.

Toll is well-placed to meet those expectations and demands, and to deliver customised and integrated solutions enabling their partners to achieve success. Anywhere. Anytime.

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