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Rheinmetall secures €208m artillery order

Rheinmetall has been contracted by the Spanish government to deliver 155mm rounds as part of a €208 million artillery.

Rheinmetall has been contracted by the Spanish government to deliver 155mm rounds as part of a €208 million artillery.

The order is expected to commence at the end of 2024 and conclude at the end of 2025.

The agreement will see a total of 94,200 artillery rounds delivered to the Spanish government and forms the second framework agreement between the two.


The order includes the ER02A1 high-explosive projectile. The boat-tail variant boasts a 30-kilometre range and a 40-kilometre range for the base-bleed variant.

The prime contractor explained that the base-bleed variant includes a special device at the bottom of the projectile that heats the air generated by the munition, reducing drag.

German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall also announced earlier in the year that it will supply multiple rocket launcher ammunition, including several hundred guided artillery rockets to a European member of NATO.

Rheinmetall Expal Munitions of Spain will be responsible for manufacturing and delivering the rockets, which have a maximum range of 300 kilometres, for the AU$501 million order.

The order – Rheinmetall’s first sales success in rocket artillery – also encompasses additional services and other systems, with delivery of rockets expected to take place from 2024 to 2027.

This comes as the German defence manufacturer unveiled plans to open a new 155mm artillery ammunition producing plant in Ukraine.

Rheinmetall and a Ukrainian partner company signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a joint venture, overseen by Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin. Rheinmetall will have a 51 per cent stake in the new company, with the remaining 49 per cent share held by the Ukrainian partner.

The “Ukrainian Competence Center for Ammunition” is expected to produce hundreds of thousands of 155mm calibre ammunition per year in the future, including the corresponding propelling charges.

Rheinmetall AG executive board chairman Armin Papperger said the company will also build an artillery ammunition, explosives and rocket artillery components plant in Lower Saxony, Germany, to begin production next year.

“Demand for ammunition in many countries is enormous – first and foremost in Ukraine, of course. Our intention of establishing another joint venture underscores our support for Ukraine. This joint venture will make a vital contribution to the country’s ability to defend itself – and thus to the security of all Europe,” Papperger said.

“We want to be an effective partner of Ukraine, to help rebuild the country’s once-powerful defence industry, and to assure Ukrainian autonomy in ammunition production.

“Already … we are Kyiv’s most important defence industry partner. We are currently processing several billion euros worth of projects on behalf of Ukraine, with more almost daily.”

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