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BAE Systems showcase Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle prototype in US

British defence company BAE Systems has showcased the Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle prototype at the 2024 AUSA Global Force Symposium.

British defence company BAE Systems has showcased the Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle prototype at the 2024 AUSA Global Force Symposium.

The AMPV prototype was fitted with External Mission Equipment Package at the event hosted by the Association of the United States Army at the Von Braun Centre in Huntsville, Alabama from March 26 to 28.

The ExMEP, also known as universal top plate, provides a common integration point across all AMPV hull structures for integration of technology enhancements. The prototype marks the third successful capability combination in the last six months.


BAE Systems AMPV program director Bill Sheehy said the newest prototype demonstrates the capabilities of ExMEP and the options it provides the soldiers for rapid integration of next-generation technology onto an already-proven hull; the purpose-built platform exemplifies many opportunities for future capability configurations for the Army and its allies.

“I was one of those soldiers in the battlefield, so I can tell you firsthand how critical it is to field modern capabilities quickly,” Sheehy said.

“Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving threats on the battlefield is the objective of the AMPV with ExMEP.”

The AMPV’s ExMEP is capable of adapting to more than 30 turret systems and builds on the vehicles modular approach enabling the rapid integration of new mission roles into the AMPV family of vehicles, he said.

The latest prototype features Elbit America’s UT30, a 30mm unmanned turret; and BAE Systems has also confirmed the full integration and successfully demonstration of a counter unmanned aerial system prototype in November 2023 prior to delivering a 120mm unmanned turreted mortar capability to the US Army in January 2024,all utilizing the ExMEP design.

BAE Systems spokesperson said that armoured multi-purpose vehicles with third party turrets are not a US Army configuration and are not currently planned for any US investment. Prototypes demonstrate capability opportunities but are not currently part of any Army programs.

In the maritime domain, BAE Systems was recently announced by the Australian Federal Government as a build and sustainment partner for the nation’s nuclear-powered submarine program

Government officials confirmed that BAE Systems and the ASC had been selected to build Australia’s fleet of SSN‑AUKUS submarines through a joint venture, bringing together the two companies to maximise the unique and complementary capabilities, skills, expertise, and resources of the two partners.

The ASC and BAE, and once established, the joint venture, will operate collaboratively within a wider enterprise and be accountable and responsible for the delivery of Australia’s SSN‑AUKUS submarines, as well as ensuring safety, security, and regulatory compliance throughout the build program.

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