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APV eyes defence, cyber expansion

APV eyes defence, cyber expansion

The Victoria-based SME is set to leverage a government grant to expand its independent testing and evaluation services.

The Victoria-based SME is set to leverage a government grant to expand its independent testing and evaluation services.

APV — a provider of safety critical products and services —has secured a grant from the Department of Defence to fund the growth of its independent testing and evaluation services for defence industry.

According to APV, the $1.6 million project would involve upskilling the APV Test Centre in defence test and evaluation (T&E) and verification and validation (V&V) methodologies, along with the associated development of these service offerings.


This is expected to include the provision of high-end computer aided engineering (CAE), finite element analysis (FEA), simulation, scanning, and associated testing services to industry in support of R&D, product development and V&V services.

The project also aims to further enhance APV’s high speed high definition (HSHD) scientific photography, data acquisition and analysis services, APV’s anthropomorphic test devices (crash test dummies) for vertical blast and injury testing, and new mechanical testing capabilities supporting land combat vehicle testing.

“The project uniquely builds a capability to support other defence SMEs in high end engineering, simulation and the associated test and evaluation services required,” APV noted in a statement.

“These are highly specialised capabilities that will allow SMEs to obtain engineering support for product development and diagnosis that would not normally be available.”

APV is also expected to leverage the grant for a cyber security project, aimed at obtaining US Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

“Cyber Security remains a fundamental necessity for industry and is one of APV’s strategic priorities,” the firm added.

“Following several years of investment to improve cyber maturity, APV is now pushing forward to secure Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and CMMC accreditations.”

APV’s ultimate objective is to establish a centre of excellence to facilitate its push to be the “partner of choice” for advanced environmental, mechanical, photography, data acquisition and dynamic engineering and testing services to support Australia’s transport and defence industries.

“APV is proud to be part of the defence industry’s global supply chains for both safety critical products and services,” APV stated.

“The sovereign industry capability and cyber security program further underpins APV’s strategy to support the industry as an internationally recognised leader in survivability, safety, industrial testing and restraints.”

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