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E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Control Aircraft

E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Control Aircraft

Boeing’s E-7A Wedgetail was developed for the Royal Australian Air Force, with the first two aircraft delivered in late 2009 following a series of delays through the development process.

The Wedgetail provides Australia with the world’s most advanced airspace battle management capabilities with the capacity to coordinate a joint air, sea, and land battle in real time, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the Australian Defence Force.

Wedgetail is based on Boeing 737-700 aircraft platform and incorporates a variety of aircraft control and advanced radar systems. The Wedgetail combines long-range surveillance radar, secondary radar, and tactical/strategic voice and data communications systems to provide an airborne early warning and control platform.

During a standard mission, the E-7A Wedgetail can cover more than 4 million square kilometres, an area the size of Western Australia or the Northern Territory. It is capable of unlimited long-range deployment with in-flight refuelling.

The Royal Australian Air Force operates six E-7A Wedgetail aircraft based at RAAF Base Williamtown near Newcastle.


RAAF, RAF and USAF sign E-7A Wedgetail development
The Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Air Force, and US Air Force leadership have signed a joint vision trilateral statement for the cooperative development of E-7A Wedgetail...
July 19 2023
BAE to provide electronic warfare systems for RAAF Wedgetail fleet
BAE Systems Australia will provide electronic warfare systems for E-7A Wedgetail aircraft with the Royal Australian Air Force under a two-year contract extension.
July 17 2023