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Seizing the decision advantage: US DOD reaffirms AI vision
Ensuring that commanders are able to make split-second decisions with a complete picture of the battlespace remains the US Department of Defense’s priority for...
February 22 2024
Independent inquiry prepared to investigate MRH-90 Taipan crash
Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force, James Gaynor, will lead an independent inquiry into the MRH-90 Taipan helicopter crash during Exercise Talisman Sabre last...
February 22 2024
US State Department approves foreign military sale to Taiwan
The US State Department has approved a possible US$75 million foreign military sale of tactical data link upgrades to the government of Taiwan.
February 22 2024
PODCAST: WA ready, willing and able to support defence industry opportunities – Paul Papalia CSC MLA, Minister for Defence Industry and Veterans Issues
In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, host Steve Kuper is joined by WA Minister for Defence Industry and Veterans Issues, Paul Papalia CSC, MLA, to discuss the West...
February 22 2024
Australian Navy joins US, Japanese counterparts for Indian Ocean exercise
Australian Navy frigate HMAS Warramunga has joined with US Navy destroyer USS Halsey and Japanese destroyer JS Sazanami and conducted two days of combined training in the...
February 22 2024
South Australia, Western Australia declared big winners from surface fleet review
South Australia is going to be the “big winners” from the surface fleet review recommendations, according to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Deputy...
February 22 2024
Source: National Press Club of Australia
‘The country is so timid’: Former PM urges country to step up to the plate
No, hell hasn’t frozen over, nor have I bumped my head recently (at least not that I can remember), but I agree with former prime minister Paul Keating in his call for...
February 22 2024
Babcock Australasia welcomes record grad intake
Babcock Australasia has announced a record graduate intake, welcoming 69 graduates across the country.
February 22 2024
Time for Julian Assange to come home, says Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has advocated for the return of Julian Assange to Australia, as the former Queenslander faces court in the United Kingdom.
February 22 2024
Official launch of Defence & National Security Workforce Awards 2024
As the Australian defence and national security industries embark on a period of rapid transformation, we are proud to launch the maiden Defence & National Security...
February 22 2024