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Israel, Germany sign joint working plan between navies

Israel and Germany have signed a new joint working plan to coordinate and cooperate the two countries’ navies.

Israel and Germany have signed a new joint working plan to coordinate and cooperate the two countries’ navies.

The two-year agreement, announced on 4 July, was signed by Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke, Director of Plans and Policy on behalf of the German Navy, and Rear Admiral Guy Goldfarb, Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff on behalf of the Israeli Navy.

The agreement is expected to expand and further the cooperation as well as maintain regional stability while continuing longstanding cooperation between the two navies based on the mutual sharing of knowledge, joint naval training, and exercises.


During the visit, Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke received various operational briefings regarding the Israeli Navy’s activity throughout current military operations, conducted a visit of the Israeli Naval MOC, and viewed an exhibition displaying information about the October 7 attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

The new agreement coincides with a recent missile strike into Israel by Lebanese Shia Islamist political party and militant group Hezbollah, with more than 200 projectiles fired towards the country on 4 July.

“Following the sirens that sounded earlier today in northern Israel, approximately 200 projectiles and over 20 suspicious aerial targets were identified crossing from Lebanon into Israeli territory, a number of which were intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array and IAF fighter jets,” according to a statement from Israeli Defense Forces published that day.

“The IAF struck Hezbollah military structures in the areas of Ramyeh and Houla in southern Lebanon.”

Following escalations in Gaza, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong has called for an end to hostilities in the region.

“What is important, as I’ve outlined very clearly, is we have this catastrophic situation in Gaza,” Minister Wong said, speaking to 10 News First: Midday late last month.

“We have a conflict which is still on foot, we have hostages to return, we have a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

“We need to see a ceasefire with hostages released and aid flowing, and we need to give the Palestinian people a horizon to enable the two-state solution. That is the only path to peace.

“What we do want to see is a process which ensures security for the state of Israel as well as security for Palestinians. We want to see a ceasefire now. We want to see humanitarian aid flow. So, I think the focus at the moment is on what can we all do to try and end this conflict. And I again reiterate my call for all parties to observe the ceasefire which the UN Security Council has endorsed.”

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