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BMT and Ocius enter partnership for maritime data collection, management

International maritime design and technical consultancy BMT has teamed up with Australian maritime developer Ocius under a new maritime data collection and management collaboration.

International maritime design and technical consultancy BMT has teamed up with Australian maritime developer Ocius under a new maritime data collection and management collaboration.

The partnership is aimed at deploying a fleet of 1,000 autonomous vessels globally within the next 10 years, with BMT and Ocius able to provide a persistent and networked system of remote sensors.

The teaming agreement between BMT and Ocius aims to develop and demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bluebottle uncrewed surface vessel for providing data as a service.


The companies will focus on co-developing a commercial data collection and management model, initially targeting environmental monitoring for offshore wind development projects.

The Bluebottle USV is ideally suited for these projects, reducing the need for crewed data collection and benefiting from the sustained and persistent operations that a Bluebottle can deliver.

In addition, the Bluebottle’s novel propulsion system, which leverages renewable energy sources, not only offers a clean solution but also supports long-term operations without physical intervention.

The collaboration leverages BMT’s extensive maritime and consulting expertise in environmental data collection and analysis, supporting the development of a sensor package which will maximise the range of data collected and working with regulators to ensure data efficiency.

Both parties will collaborate to establish a robust and scalable network of remote sensors for maritime applications.

"Our collaboration with Ocius marks a new era in maritime data collection and management. By integrating Ocius’ advanced, renewable powered, autonomous vessels with BMT’s extensive expertise with environmental data, we aim to create a cost-effective, pay-per-use model that offers unparalleled capabilities to a range of customers worldwide, both government and commercial,” said Graeme Nayler, regional business director, BMT, Asia-Pacific.

The initial focus will be on supporting offshore wind customers in Australia with necessary environmental analysis and planning, utilising the advanced capabilities of the Bluebottle vessels.

These vessels will provide critical data for environmental monitoring, maritime security, asset monitoring, and marine life observation.

By collecting comprehensive metocean data, imagery, and environmental metrics, the Bluebottle platform will support a range of applications, including:

  • Environmental monitoring: collecting data on sea life, water quality, and other environmental parameters.
  • Metocean data collection: providing accurate meteorological and oceanographic data to support maritime operations.
  • Security and surveillance: providing real-time data on maritime activities.

This concept establishes a robust and scalable network of remote sensors that can operate continuously and provide real-time data to support various maritime activities.

This innovative approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maritime operations and offers significant cost savings compared to traditional monitoring methods.

“This teaming agreement with BMT represents a leap forward in our mission to provide autonomous solutions for maritime challenges,” Ocius chief executive officer Robert Dane said.

“Bluebottles, equipped with advanced sensors provided and operated by BMT, will help scientists, sailors and CEOs safeguard our oceans, monitor assets, and make informed decisions.”

As BMT and Ocius embark on this innovative venture, they seek partnerships with leading technology, communications, and information management companies, alongside strategic investors to support rapid scaling, to enhance this initiative.

Additionally, they invite forward-leaning customers to help shape requirements and support growth. These collaborations will drive technological advancements, develop sophisticated communication networks, and accelerate the deployment of their global fleet of autonomous vessels, transforming maritime data collection worldwide.

The deployment of these autonomous vessels will begin immediately, with the aim of providing limited operational capability within the next two years within the Asia-Pacific region. This strategic agreement underscores BMT’s commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that enhance global maritime security and environmental stewardship.

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