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Defence Connect Live: Air superiority and the networked force

Join the Defence Connect panel over two free live streams as we discuss the next-generation platforms, technologies and capabilities which will be key to delivering unrivalled capability to the ADF, Australia’s growing industry capabilities and the scope for increasing participation.

Live Stream 2: Autonomous Systems in a 5th Generation RAAF

In the second of our series of webcasts, the panel of specialists will consider the impact of introducing a range of autonomous aerial systems with the ADF. With a special focus on the Triton high-altitude, long-endurance UAS among others.

The panel will also address the implications of UAS capabilities across key areas, including:

  • Impact of UAS on RAAF CONOPS, including coalition operations.
  • The implications and opportunities for Australian industry of emergent autonomous technologies used in Australia and abroad.

Live Stream 2 Details:

Date: Wednesday, 27 February
Time: 9:00am AEDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Live Stream 1: Networking the ADF in the Multi-Domain Future

In the first-ever Defence Connect webcast, our panel of international specialists will discuss the implications of introducing multi-domain battle management capabilities. The panel will discuss a number of questions, including:

  • What is driving the global focus on multi-domain operations?
  • How should the ADF, and the RAAF in particular address the challenges of 4th and 5th generation connectivity and interoperability?
  • What near and longer-term capability developments are going to impact connectivity and interoperability the most?
  • What opportunities exist for Australia’s global leadership in multi-domain operations?

Live Stream 1 Details:

Date: Tuesday, 26 February
Time: 9:00am AEDT
Duration: 60 minutes

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