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8 Apr 2020
On realism: The US, Iran and COVID-19
Last week, Defence Connect published an article on realism and the coronavirus pandemic. That article touched on the role realism plays in the US an...
8 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: What is Paul Dibb’s real question about Australia’s defence?
In the 15 March edition of The National Interest, renowned Australian strategist Professor Paul Dibb, AM, in his piece, ‘How Australia Can Defend It...
7 Apr 2020
COVID-19 will change Australia’s political discourse and so it should
As is prudent in the aftermath of a crisis, political discourse, government response and protocol adapts to better suit the public sentiment and expec...
6 Apr 2020
US Indo-Pac Command identifies $20bn wish list to deter China
Despite the ongoing turmoil caused by the coronavirus, Indo-Pacific Command, the largest US combatant command, has outlined a $20 billion wish list to...
6 Apr 2020
Spirit of Anzac: Remembering the birth of a national mythology
Despite its age, Australia as a nation has always acquitted itself on the field of battle with honour, bravery and an undying sense of camaraderie ...
3 Apr 2020
Realism and global pandemic
Realism, in terms of international relations theory, focuses primarily on the constraining effects of anarchy, the reasons why great powers compete f...
2 Apr 2020
How can we ‘make our own luck’ if we continue to repeat the same patterns?
Writing for ASPI, John Coyne has called on Australia to use this period of global and domestic disruption to call for the nation to “make its own lu...
2 Apr 2020
COVID-19: A boon for regional interdependence?
There are few, if any, countries that will not suffer significant fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak not just in economic terms, but also geo...
1 Apr 2020
Opportunity knocking: Rising from the ashes of COVID-19
It will be the defining point of this decade and for many nations coronavirus is revealing a startling level of vulnerability, however it isn’t all ...
1 Apr 2020
ANZUS hospital ships for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief
2020 so far has been a hard year for Australia, firstly the massive bushfires around the country and now the coronavirus pandemic causing the slow shu...
31 Mar 2020
Balancing expeditionary capabilities with countering great power rivalry
As part of Marine Commandant General David Berger’s ongoing modernisation and restructure of the US Marine Corps, ‘Force Design 2030’ seeks to b...
30 Mar 2020
US Marine Corps rebalances force to counter great power competition
US Marine Corps has released the ‘Force Design 2030’ review report outlining a major restructure in the Corps and its forces as the Marines seek t...
30 Mar 2020
Op-Ed: Does COVID-19 provide an opportunity for further geo-strategic disruption?
The advent of COVID-19 has presented a major challenge to the established global economic, political and strategic order, revealing the fragility of m...
27 Mar 2020
Does the US need two carriers in the Arabian Sea? Part 2: Power competition
The US Navy announced on 20 March that aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Harry S. Truman, and their respective escorts, are operat...
26 Mar 2020
A case of rose-coloured glasses? Looking back the F-111 and Australia’s ‘strategic strike’ workhorse
The F-111 is viewed as one of the nation’s most effective tactical and strategic force multipliers, however, as debate continues to evolve about Aus...
24 Mar 2020
What constitutes a ‘balanced force’ and what does that mean for the ADF?
Is it time to change our mind about the force structure and objectives of the ADF? ASPI analyst Michael Shoebridge believes that the time has come in ...
24 Mar 2020
Echidna strategy: A call for restraint in strike capability
Sam Roggeveen, director of the international security program at the Lowy Institute, has made an argument for a more restrained development of strike...
23 Mar 2020
A silver lining: Pandemic fears sees growing consensus about need for true national resilience
Former prime minister Tony Abbott has joined an ever-growing choir of public policy, government and media pundits calling on the Australian government...
23 Mar 2020
Strategic policy expert calls for expanded air defence interceptor capability
Dr Malcolm Davis of ASPI has called for greater Australian and allied consideration for the development of a highly capable air defence interceptor to...
20 Mar 2020
What does the future hold for the Quad?
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue among the US, Japan, India, and Australia (the Quad) has returned to prominence after an eight-year hiatus. Seni...

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Apr 8 2020
Op-Ed: What is Paul Dibb’s real question about Australia’s defence?
In the 15 March edition of The National Interest, renowned Australian strategist Professor Paul Dibb...
Apr 7 2020
Leidos Australia adds Aeronautics to LAND 129 project bid
Leidos Australia has confirmed it has added the Aeronautics Ltd to its bid for the replacement of t...
Apr 8 2020
UK declares Poseidon P-8A IOC
The UK Royal Air Force has declared initial operating capability (IOC) for its first P-8A Poseidon M...
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