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F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is billed as a catalyst for the fifth-generation revolution, changing the face and capability of the Royal Australian Air Force and the wider Australian Defence Force.

For the RAAF, the F-35A’s combination of full-spectrum, low-observable stealth coatings and materials; advanced radar-dispersing shaping, network-centric sensor; and communications suites – combined with a lethal strike capability – means the aircraft will be the ultimate force multiplying air-combat platform.

Australia has committed to purchasing 72 of the advanced fifth-generation fighter aircraft as part of the AU$17 billion AIR 6000 Phase 2A/B program to replace the ageing F/A-18A/B Classic Hornets that have been in service with the RAAF since 1985.


Honeywell cooling tech to support next-gen F-35 power systems
Honeywell has announced the successful demonstration of upgrades to the current cooling capacity of the F-35’s Power and Thermal Management System (PTMS) to 80kW.
March 14 2024
Australian F-35 Joint Strike Fighters continue technology refresh testing
The Australian Defence Force is likely to receive its next batch of new F-35A Joint Strike Fighters in the second half of this year, according to US defence prime Lockheed...
February 14 2024
Greece requests F-35 aircraft in massive US foreign military sale
Greece will acquire up to 40 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft as part of a possible US$8.6 billion foreign military sale approved by the US State Department.
January 29 2024
Hunter Valley F-35 sustainment hub on track
Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy has announced the signing of two services deeds with BAE Systems Australia worth a total of AU$210 million to help secure the Hunter...
December 28 2023
Industry, US Air Force collaborate to ‘restore’ F-35
A team of US Air Force personnel, the US F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), Ogden Air Logistics Complex, and Lockheed Martin have taken on the impossible task of stitching...
December 20 2023
Korea to acquire 25 F-35 jets, while Denmark welcomes first 4
South Korea will acquire 25 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets in a possible US$5.06 billion foreign military sale approved by the US State Department.
September 15 2023
Newcastle Airport named for new F-35 stealth coating facility
Newcastle Airport is set to become the regional hub for maintaining F-35A Lightning II aircraft as the federal government greenlights an aircraft coating facility on the east...
August 15 2023
Australia, Japan trade F-35 deployments in reciprocal access deal
Australia and Japan will trade F-35 Joint Strike Fighter deployments later this year as part of a new Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement.
August 14 2023
Key findings released for UK’s F-35B crash
Full findings and recommendations have been revealed regarding the crash of a United Kingdom F-35B Lightning fighter jet in 2021.
August 14 2023
Aussie company wins $1.5m grant to secure F-35 work
Melbourne-based Lovitt Technologies has secured a $1.5 million Australian government grant to buy a next-generation machining centre to secure more work on the global F-35...
July 26 2023