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4 Jul 2019
Aegis ashore, NORFORCE and an integrated Aussie BMD and A2/AD network
With the increasing proliferation of advanced ballistic and cruise missile threats in the Indo-Pacific, the Australian mainland has never been more ex...
4 Jul 2019
Hybrid warfare and a new role for Australia’s Special Forces?
The rise of asymmetric threats backed by state and non-state actors is challenging conventional force structures. Australia’s Special Forces are in...
3 Jul 2019
Defining a ‘great power’ and what it looks like for Australia
As US ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse calls for Australia to embrace a ‘great power’ presence in the Indo-Pacific – understanding th...
3 Jul 2019
Defence industry as a catalyst for Australia’s industrial rebirth
Success leaves clues – as Australia embarks on the largest peacetime recapitalisation and investment in the nation’s defence and defence industr...
2 Jul 2019
Modern battleships: Arsenal ships and next-gen surface long-range maritime strike
While aircraft carriers will continue to serve a pivotal role in the era of increasingly advanced, long-range integrated anti-access/area denial (A2/A...
2 Jul 2019
Size does matter: A frank conversation about ADF manpower
A period of modernisation combined with the increasing capability of regional peer and near-peer competitors is challenging the traditional technologi...
1 Jul 2019
Australia's rapidly closing window of opportunity
Over the weekend, renowned Australian strategic policy expert Hugh White added fuel to the fire about the rapidly changing strategic environment of th...
1 Jul 2019
Will a royal commission into veteran suicide address the larger issue?
Australia’s service personnel answer the call to protect the nation and its interests – with single-minded dedication and commitment to keeping Au...
1 Jul 2019
Mothballs: Developing Australia’s strategic materiel reserves
As Australia undergoes the largest peacetime modernisation and recapitalisation of the ADF, a number of platforms will be retired from service or on-s...
28 Jun 2019
Establishing a second ‘Fortress of the Pacific’ – Developing Darwin
Darwin has long served as one of Australia’s key staging points for launching operations into south-east Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific. As China...
28 Jun 2019
Developing Australia’s at-sea deterrence force: Sub hunter-killer groups
Silently hunting below the waves, the vessels are increasingly lethal and difficult to detect – submarines are one of the great tactical and strateg...
27 Jun 2019
First responders, escorts and missile defenders: Surface action groups
While carriers and amphibious expeditionary groups are the most prominent naval task groups – surface action groups provide valuable, flexible force...
27 Jun 2019
The importance of enhancing Australia’s strategic space situational awareness
Space situational awareness (SSA) is emerging as one of the major battlegrounds of the 21st century. For Australia – a world leader in the develop...
26 Jun 2019
Lightning inbound! The US Marines ‘Lightning Carrier’ concept
As the capabilities of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter variants continue to evolve, new CONOPs will evolve around the fifth-generation platform – the ...
26 Jun 2019
Distractions, transactions, oh my! The challenges of an increasingly unreliable US
Despite record reinvestment in the US Armed Forces, a seemingly confrontational, albeit erratic, President, who is allegedly questioning the benefit o...
25 Jun 2019
The continuing importance of a proportional response
With tensions between the US and Iran continuing to bubble away following the shoot down of a US Navy RQ-4 Global Hawk and revelations the US Preside...
25 Jun 2019
Knowledge is power: Future-proofing the ADF’s ISR capabilities
In the era of vast volumes of information, advanced sensor suites and intelligence gathering platforms, decision making has never been easier – how...
24 Jun 2019
Digging in: China redoubles push in the South China Sea
Recent satellite imagery has revealed renewed Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea with the deployment of fighter aircraft to Woody Island. Th...
24 Jun 2019
Paris Air Show reveals increased global pursuit of 5th-gen fighter aircraft
As tensions between the world’s major powers continue to simmer – access to highly capable fifth-generation fighter aircraft has emerged as one of...
21 Jun 2019
Enhancing Australia’s south-east Asian relationships
Alliances are pivotal in maintaining prolonged periods of peace and prosperity – Australia’s position in the Indo-Pacific has been contingent on t...

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Sep 18 2019
Hawkei success for Thales procurement team
Thales Australia's procurement team has met with success at the ASCI2019 Conference for their effor...
Sep 18 2019
Photo Essay: Pacific Angel 2019 comes to an end
Exercise Pacific Angel 2019, a joint and combined humanitarian assistance operation, has concluded i...
Sep 18 2019
Growing concern about affordability of expanded US bomber fleet paves way for Allied participation
With the US Air Force preparing to reveal its next-generation B-21 Raider bomber, calls for a large...
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