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27 May 2019
Air power as a key component in modern deterrence theory
Contemporary air power forms a critical component of any modern air force’s capability package – as technology has evolved with the advent of fift...
24 May 2019
Developing Australia’s anti-satellite capabilities as a deterrent
The increasing dependence and vulnerability of space-based intelligence, surveillance and communications assets, combined with the ever-advancing pace...
24 May 2019
Photo Essay: Australia’s growing amphibious capabilities
Australia’s geo-strategic reality has seen the Australian Defence Force shift its focus towards developing a credible amphibious ‘joint force’ c...
23 May 2019
Future-proofing Australia's aerial strike gap
The retirement of Australia’s fleet of F-111 tactical bombers in 2010 left Australia with a severely reduced aerial strike capability – the adven...
22 May 2019
‘Every nation has its story, this is ours’ – Dr Brendan Nelson, AO
The Australian War Memorial is one of the nation’s most hallowed institutions – a place of reflection upon the heroism, gallantry and honour of Au...
21 May 2019
Looking towards the 2030s – Ideas for the next Defence White Paper
As the regional balance of power continues to evolve, the next iteration of Australia’s Defence White Paper will be presented with a number of geo-s...
21 May 2019
Developing Australia’s own strategic resource reserve
Growing concern about Australia’s lack of strategic resource reserves – mainly liquid energy supplies – is emerging as a major issue to be faced...
20 May 2019
Manufacturing matters now more than ever
Australia is on the verge of a manufacturing revolution. The car industry may have declined, but Australian businesses are still busy designing and b...
20 May 2019
3 more years and a next-generation Defence wish list
With the Coalition returned and cabinet position announcements imminent – building on the success of the preceding six years in the Defence portfoli...
17 May 2019
A look back at Australia’s Chiefs of Defence Force (Part Three)
As General Angus Campbell, AO, approaches one year in the role of Chief of the Defence Force, Defence Connect is going to examine the history of the p...
17 May 2019
Australia’s need for a ‘high-low’ air dominance capability mix
The decreasing cost of highly capable fighter aircraft is challenging the air dominance and air superiority capability of the F-35, reigniting debate...
16 May 2019
Contract cancellation fee and questions about the future of SEA 1000
Following the revelation of a $404 million cancellation fee and opposition promises of a review for the $50 billion SEA 1000 Attack Class submarine pr...
15 May 2019
A look back at Australia’s Chiefs of Defence Force
As General Angus Campbell, AO, approaches one year in the role of Chief of the Defence Force, Defence Connect is going to examine the history of the p...
15 May 2019
Conventional deterrence triads – Developing a true ‘joint force’ ADF
The ‘joint force’ concept has emerged as one of the guiding lights for transforming and modernising the capabilities of the Australian Defence For...
14 May 2019
Navy recapitalisation and is the Navy big enough?
As a maritime nation Australia is dependent on unlimited access to the ocean – as the regional paradigm changes, placing greater strain on the Navy ...
14 May 2019
From valleys of death to promises of stability: The opposition’s election promises
Labor’s history of defence expenditure and investment is often maligned – with emphasis placed on ‘valleys of death’ for naval shipbuilding, r...
13 May 2019
Toward 2%: Taking a look back at the Coalition’s record of delivery
Since coming to government in 2013, the Coalition has sought to modernise Australia’s defence capability and industry participation – signing majo...
13 May 2019
Power – Projection and protection in the Indo-Pacific
Australia needs to re-evaluate its position and pursuit of modern maritime-based power projection capabilities, including fixed-wing naval aviation in...
13 May 2019
Election campaign reveals two nuanced approaches to Australia’s Pacific defence strategy
As we enter the final week of the election race, both sides of politics have revealed a need to broaden Australia’s Pacific defence policy and engag...
10 May 2019
A bridge too far? Time to ask questions about sub delivery timing
It is the largest defence acquisition project in the history of the nation, however questions about capability gaps, program costs and delivery delay...

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