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22 Jul 2019
Expanding the tactical manoeuvrability of RAAF task groups
Australia’s fleet of KC-30A tankers have continuously proven their tactical and strategic worth supporting air operations in the Middle East – ho...
19 Jul 2019
Showdown with Iran poses broader challenge for the Indo-Pacific
Following a month of brinkmanship culminating in a number of tanker boardings, confrontation between the US, its allies and Iran appears to be around ...
19 Jul 2019
Buzz the tower, Goose! A look back at the legendary F-14 Tomcat
It is one of the most iconic aircraft of modern times, the F-14 Tomcat is the fighter many contemporary pilots grew up wanting to put through its pace...
18 Jul 2019
Practice makes perfect in the case of amphibious operations
As Australia continues to reorientate its strategic focus towards the Indo-Pacific, developing and refining force structures and high-intensity power ...
17 Jul 2019
Maximising Australia’s submarine capability with a ‘high-low’ mix
‘High-low’ force structures establish a complementary force package and have typically been the domain of air combat systems – the rise of incr...
17 Jul 2019
SMEs hold the key to developing Australia’s defence sector
Australia’s SME ecosystem has gone from strength to strength as a result of the record $200 billion worth of investment in Australia’s defence and...
16 Jul 2019
Sub delivery time frame presents opportunities for Aussie paradigm shift
While concern continues to mount about the design and delivery time frame for Australia’s $50 billion Attack Class submarines – the delivery time...
16 Jul 2019
Building an Australian grand strategy
Grand strategy is rarely mentioned in Australian defence debates. That’s unfortunate as it’s designed for use in solving complex problems when res...
16 Jul 2019
Growing proliferation challenges the technological edge of Australia and allies
The first delivery of a Russian S-400 air and missile defence system to NATO ally Turkey – combined with the increasing proliferation of advanced ...
15 Jul 2019
US ‘Raptor regret’ raises questions and possibilities
A US Air Force combatant commander in Australia for Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 has seemingly expressed regret from within the USAF about allied acce...
15 Jul 2019
China responds with renewed A2/AD missile tests
While the US, Australian and Japanese militaries conduct high intensity combat operations in and around north Queensland, rising power China has resp...
12 Jul 2019
Barracuda launch heralds beginning of new submarine era for France and Australia
As Australia’s own $50 billion Attack Class submarine program continues to gather pace despite concerns, France, parent nation of the Barracuda desi...
12 Jul 2019
Australia’s dilemma: Strategic independence v strategic dependence
Australia has long sought to balance the paradigms of strategic independence and strategic dependence – seemingly limited by a comparatively small ...
11 Jul 2019
Addressing the elephant in the room: The national security and economic overlap
Australia is consistently told that as a nation we are torn between our economic relationship with China and the long-standing strategic partnership w...
11 Jul 2019
Fitting between OPV and Hunter: The need for a deployable, ocean going patrol frigate
As the Royal Australian Navy prepares for the arrival of the first Arafura and Hunter Class vessels in the early-to-mid 2020s, evolving regional and g...
10 Jul 2019
The Empire Strikes Back: Defence Minister pushes for greater Aus-UK collaboration
In a blast from the past, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has used a speech in the UK to renew the special relationship between Australia and the UK a...
10 Jul 2019
The growing militarisation of space and Australia’s need to take the strategic initiative
It may be a far cry from the USS Enterprise of Captain Kirk, but the recent capture of images of the secretive Boeing designed X-37B space plane rais...
9 Jul 2019
Japan’s ARDB: The marine unit piquing China’s interest
With China sending a spy vessel down towards Australia in order to gather intelligence from Exercise Talisman Sabre, it is understood the main focus w...
5 Jul 2019
Lay the foundation: Develop and focus on strategic priorities and consistency
Strategic consistency and priorities have become more and more relevant in a rapidly changing region. Australian strategic thinkers have in recent we...
5 Jul 2019
Plan Beersheba, LAND 400 and a third way
The Australian Army’s joint LAND 400 program provides the opportunity to reshape and reorganise the combat formation of the Army to better support t...

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Sep 18 2019
Hawkei success for Thales procurement team
Thales Australia's procurement team has met with success at the ASCI2019 Conference for their effor...
Sep 18 2019
Photo Essay: Pacific Angel 2019 comes to an end
Exercise Pacific Angel 2019, a joint and combined humanitarian assistance operation, has concluded i...
Sep 18 2019
Growing concern about affordability of expanded US bomber fleet paves way for Allied participation
With the US Air Force preparing to reveal its next-generation B-21 Raider bomber, calls for a large...
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