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13 May 2020
Echidna or Combat Wombat? Preparing for the Defence Strategic Update
As Australia’s public and strategic policy community wait with bated breath for the release of the new Defence Strategic Update in response to the c...
12 May 2020
Photo Essay: Australians in Vietnam
In the early ’60s, South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem called for assistance from the US and the Western world against the communist north. Like ...
11 May 2020
National Security Strategy debate means there is one sure-fire winner – Australia
The reality of COVID-19 has prompted Australia’s political and strategic apparatus to accept that the nation’s preparedness and resilience to an ...
8 May 2020
Government to splurge on fuel, but not fuel security
Energy Minister Angus Taylor announced on 22 April that the government is spending $94 million to buy up oil at rock-bottom prices. While this might b...
6 May 2020
US Defense Sec Esper calls for funding focus on modernisation programs
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has called for greater accountability and targeted focus of funding for the US Defense Department as the nation’s a...
5 May 2020
Spend less on defence? International politics expert says yes
It is no secret the Indo-Pacific’s regional power dynamic is changing, with once developing nations emerging as great powers with appropriate econom...
4 May 2020
Again?! The price has exploded, again?! Future sub price grows by $10bn
It is starting to sound like a bad joke, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Australia’s most-complex defence procurement project ever, the Attack Class ...
30 Apr 2020
Consensus that Australia needs a new post-COVID economic strategy
Amid mounting threats of economic coercion and the looming challenge of a global economic downturn, many public policy experts and journalists are n...
29 Apr 2020
‘Prepare for the worst’, Australia’s political and military leaders warned
With each passing day, the national security challenges to Australia’s sovereignty continue to evolve. Now it has been revealed that the Department ...
29 Apr 2020
COVID-19 an opportunity for terrorists or a threat to their existence
The international security zeitgeist is moving away from the war on terror and shifting more towards great power competition between China, the US and...
28 Apr 2020
Chinese ambassador redoubles threats, as nation juggles ‘new normal’
Beijing’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, has joined a growing chorus from Beijing placing increased pressure on the Australian government t...
28 Apr 2020
ASPI raises mounting concerns about SEA 1000 future submarine costs
ASPI analyst Marcus Hellyer has raised renewed concerns about the costs associated with the long-term development and ‘future-proofing’ of the Roy...
27 Apr 2020
CSBA CEO calls for serious US consideration of Aussie B-21 collaboration
Thomas Mahnken, CEO of the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) think tank has called for renewed US support to accommodate a potenti...
23 Apr 2020
INSIGHT: Cyber and information warfare – MAJGEN Marcus Thompson AM, Department of Defence
Major General Marcus Thompson AM has been the head of the information warfare division at the Department of Defence since its establishment in 2017. ...
22 Apr 2020
Assessing the long-term impact of the post-COVID geo-strategic order
Australian strategist Paul Dibb has entered the debate surrounding the impact of COVID-19 upon the established and emerging regional powers, with a p...
21 Apr 2020
US Navy study looks to cut two carriers, recapitalise with unmanned ships
They are the most visible symbol of America’s presence and global reach, and their absence has not gone unnoticed in the Indo-Pacific – neverthel...
20 Apr 2020
ASPI joins growing choir for post-COVID nation-building strategy
ASPI executive director Peter Jennings has issued a challenge for Australia’s policymakers in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, calling on them t...
16 Apr 2020
Right on cue: PLAN conducts muscle-flexing exercise near Taiwan
As if to mock the crippled world, Beijing has launched a provocative series of muscle-flexing exercises near Taiwan and the South China Sea, capitalis...
15 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: The future of ADF mobility and energy security beyond naturally occurring fossil fuels
With growing conversations regarding Australia’s reliable access to liquid fuels being highlighted throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Chris Skinner fr...
14 Apr 2020
Public sentiment continues to back developing true ‘national resilience’
As the Australian public settles into the ‘new normal’, many Australian public policy thinkers and journalists have picked up on the growing groun...

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Aug 5 2020
As recession looms can government investment prepare the nation?
With global demand for raw resources and services declining, Australia’s ‘trading economy’ is ...
Aug 5 2020
Photo essay: Regional Presence Deployment 2020
At a time of rapidly changing geostrategic priorities in the maritime domain (particularly in the In...
Aug 4 2020
$1.3bn tied to UAS development in new investment package
Defence Minister Linda Reynolds CSC has announced up to $1.3 billion in a new unmanned aircraft sys...
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