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25 May 2020
Op-Ed: Australia will need to develop its own Space Force
Australia’s ongoing Defence planning review, culminating in a new Force Posture Review and eventually a new Defence White Paper, will have to factor...
22 May 2020
Op-Ed: Additive manufacturing shifting the ground for local defence supply
For the first time since World War II, Australians have been forced to live in virtual isolation – borders have been closed to non-essential travel ...
21 May 2020
Op-Ed: Submarine Program updates are like pulling teeth
The Future Submarine Program to deliver 12 new Attack Class submarines is constantly in the media, reflecting its magnitude as the largest Defence pro...
20 May 2020
Op-Ed: Dear Ambassador, when it comes to alliances, quality over resolution, please?
It is Australia’s indispensable relationship, the core of our national security and the key enabler, that has allowed Australia to freely engage an...
19 May 2020
Op-Ed: Yes, Iran is still deterred by American aircraft carriers
Aircraft carriers have served as the backbone of the US Navy since the Second World War and the pinnacle of global power projection, however recent ad...
18 May 2020
Op-Ed: DST & Axiom Precision Manufacturing, teaming to support the COVID-19 frontline
The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing great disruption to daily life in Australia and around the world, with these disruptions putting huge strains o...
13 May 2020
Op-Ed: Why our defence sector needs a different approach to cyber security
When you think about Australia’s defence forces, it’s easy to focus on big-ticket items such as planes, ships and submarines. However, while these...
12 May 2020
Op-Ed: The US and Australia – An Unbreakable Alliance for the 21st century
It is a relationship forged throughout the major conflagrations of the 20th century, where American and Australian service personnel stood proudly in ...
11 May 2020
Op-Ed: Ensuring Australia’s platform superiority is backed by intellectual superiority
Much is made about Australia’s investment in next-generation warfighting capabilities, ranging from the Attack Class submarines and Boxer armoured v...
8 May 2020
Op-Ed: Future Defence national mobilisations and COVID-19
National mobilisation, the purposeful use of society’s resources to defend Australia and its interests, has been prominent in the managing of the 20...
7 May 2020
Op-Ed: Supporting and enhancing Australia’s defence industry capability
There are numerous online resources that outline the government’s response to COVID-19 and supporting the development of Australia’s critical defe...
6 May 2020
Op-Ed: Clock is ticking for survivors of abuse in the ADF
No doubt, abuse is a hard subject for people to talk about. Often, many survivors struggle to come forward for many years, let alone even talk about i...
5 May 2020
Op-Ed: Managing critical infrastructure in today’s connected world
Critical infrastructure fuels the modern economy by providing services essential to daily life, such as energy, food, water, transport, communications...
4 May 2020
Op-Ed: Why we need a broad ranging inquiry into Australia’s relationship with China
It is sometimes said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Some political o...
1 May 2020
Op-Ed: The COVID experience – Observations from someone astride two business sectors
I finished a 37-year career in the Australian Army in December of 2018. Given the pace of recent events it now seems like a very long time between the...
1 May 2020
Op-Ed: The post-COVID cyber security challenges and preparing Australia’s cyber resilience
It has not been an easy year. Just as the great fires began receding, police started patrolling supermarkets. Our Black Summer was replaced with a glo...
30 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Supporting defence capability through Australian SMEs
Australian small businesses are critical to our defence capability and we need to keep them strong on the road to the post COVID-19 environment, expla...
29 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: The importance of a national sovereignty strategy
Three months ago, as Australia was emerging from a nightmarish summer of bushfires, the first reports of a mysterious new virus began to trickle out o...
27 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Maintaining the integrity and security of individual cyber systems
With more and more of us working remotely and ever more dependent upon the cyber domain, maintaining the integrity and security of individual systems ...
24 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Keeping the commemoration of Anzac Day alive amid COVID-19
Retired Major General and senator for NSW Jim Molan, AO, DSC has played a pivotal role in the #AnzacAtHome campaign to help Australians maintain the ...

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