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24 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: A sustainable and competitive defence industry for Australia
A sustainable, competitive Australian defence industry is a critical component of the national sovereignty equation and must be a critical component ...
22 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Building resilience in the post-COVID economy
COVID-19 has revealed the nation’s startling lack of economic and strategic resilience, however, the impact of the pandemic provides an opportunity ...
22 Jun 2020
From the ashes of COVID arises a regional power
For many nations COVID-19 has served as a form of divine intervention, revealing foundations of sand and the frailty of over dependence on the lowest ...
18 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Let’s not forget, the Future Submarine is an ab initio design
The Joint Strike Fighter and the Hunter Class future frigate programs are large and complex, as was the Air Warfare Destroyer before that. But what ma...
10 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Achieving value from Defence megaprojects – the role of parliamentary oversight
Defence expenditure, particularly controversial megaprojects like the Joint Strike Fighter and now the Future Submarine Program, represents some of th...
9 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Japan and Australia – A ‘special strategic partnership’ going from strength to strength
The Japan-Australia relationship is one that has undergone a profound degree of change over the last decade, and has evolved, with each passing year, ...
8 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: LAND 400 the key to future Australian maritime strategy
Historical precedents in evidence of profound change and disruptive effects astound analysts when providing governments’ insights on future planning...
4 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Beefing up Australia’s strategic sealift capabilities
Australia’s acquisition of the two Canberra Class LHDs was marked as a major step-change in the nation’s capacity to conduct and sustain power pr...
2 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Towards national resilience and Victoria’s defence industry COVID-19 response
Defence industry in Victoria is carefully managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many companies reporting that they have been able to main...
1 Jun 2020
Op-Ed: Focus and scale key to delivering game-changing impact
Science and technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way both civilians and militaries function in the modern era. For Chief Defence Scientist ...
25 May 2020
Op-Ed: Australia will need to develop its own Space Force
Australia’s ongoing Defence planning review, culminating in a new Force Posture Review and eventually a new Defence White Paper, will have to factor...
22 May 2020
Op-Ed: Additive manufacturing shifting the ground for local defence supply
For the first time since World War II, Australians have been forced to live in virtual isolation – borders have been closed to non-essential travel ...
21 May 2020
Op-Ed: Submarine Program updates are like pulling teeth
The Future Submarine Program to deliver 12 new Attack Class submarines is constantly in the media, reflecting its magnitude as the largest Defence pro...
20 May 2020
Op-Ed: Dear Ambassador, when it comes to alliances, quality over resolution, please?
It is Australia’s indispensable relationship, the core of our national security and the key enabler, that has allowed Australia to freely engage an...
19 May 2020
Op-Ed: Yes, Iran is still deterred by American aircraft carriers
Aircraft carriers have served as the backbone of the US Navy since the Second World War and the pinnacle of global power projection, however recent ad...
18 May 2020
Op-Ed: DST & Axiom Precision Manufacturing, teaming to support the COVID-19 frontline
The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing great disruption to daily life in Australia and around the world, with these disruptions putting huge strains o...
13 May 2020
Op-Ed: Why our defence sector needs a different approach to cyber security
When you think about Australia’s defence forces, it’s easy to focus on big-ticket items such as planes, ships and submarines. However, while these...
12 May 2020
Op-Ed: The US and Australia – An Unbreakable Alliance for the 21st century
It is a relationship forged throughout the major conflagrations of the 20th century, where American and Australian service personnel stood proudly in ...
11 May 2020
Op-Ed: Ensuring Australia’s platform superiority is backed by intellectual superiority
Much is made about Australia’s investment in next-generation warfighting capabilities, ranging from the Attack Class submarines and Boxer armoured v...
8 May 2020
Op-Ed: Future Defence national mobilisations and COVID-19
National mobilisation, the purposeful use of society’s resources to defend Australia and its interests, has been prominent in the managing of the 20...

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