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18 Apr 2019
Wolves of the sea: Hunter killers and boomers in the Indo-Pacific
Next-generation submarines are emerging as another battle ground for the competing super powers, with both the US and China seeking to develop and in...
18 Apr 2019
The layers of modern missile defence
As hypersonics transform the capabilities of contemporary strike missiles, the systems used to defend against such weapons will continue to evolve. L...
17 Apr 2019
Drawing parallels: The build up for WWI and the 21st century’s carrier race
Naval power has always played a critical role in the way great powers interact. The decades leading up to the outbreak of the First World War saw an u...
17 Apr 2019
Higher, faster, further – The pursuit of next-generation fighter dominance
While F-35 production ramps up, American and European research and development efforts have turned to a next generation of air supremacy aircraft with...
16 Apr 2019
Integrated air power and special forces as force multipliers in Australia Forward
Long-range air power and integrated air defence have long served as two powerful force multipliers in developing a balanced continental defence and ...
16 Apr 2019
From Stuka to the Apache, Tiger and B-1: The role of close air support as a force multiplier
With screaming sirens, the infamous diving Stuka set the standard for combined arms close air support operations. While techniques and technology have...
15 Apr 2019
Australia Forward: Balancing expeditionary and continental defence capabilities (Part 6)
Indo-Pacific Asia’s evolving power paradigm is changing the way Australia views itself and its position in this changing world. The need for both co...
15 Apr 2019
Little green men and the rise of hybrid warfare operations
The occupation of the Crimea in 2014 sparked international condemnation as the world responded to renewed Russian aggression, however, it wasn’t the...
12 Apr 2019
Air dominance, long-range strike and power projection
Since the introduction of combat aircraft in the First World War, air power has served as the unrivaled king of the battlefield. Technology has transf...
12 Apr 2019
Ready to pounce: Asia’s crouching Tiger nations (Part 5)
While most strategic and political attention has been focused on rising giants China and India, Indo-Pacific Asia’s tiger nations – Thailand, Viet...
11 Apr 2019
Those who rule the waves, rule the world
As an island nation, Australia is defined by its relationship with the ocean. Maritime power projection and sea control play a pivotal role in securin...
11 Apr 2019
A rising dragon and a proud elephant: The Asian Century’s Great Game (Part 4)
While some proclaimed the collapse of the Soviet Union as the end of history, the new millennium marked a major shift in the global power paradigm. T...
10 Apr 2019
Shifting sands: From regional intervention to continental defence (Part 3)
Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict at the behest of the US signalled a major shift in the direction of the nation’s strategic polic...
10 Apr 2019
Power projection and the influence of boots on the ground
Quick reaction forces of overwhelming maritime and air power have traditionally formed the basis of power projection doctrine, however, rapidly deploy...
10 Apr 2019
Relationships between Defence, industry and academia key to driving success
As Australia’s domestic defence industry continues to succeed, it has never been clearer that an integral part of keeping the success rolling is ...
9 Apr 2019
Forward Defence and Australia's post-war role in regional security (Part 2)
As the war in the Pacific drew to a close, Australia emerged traumatised by the ferocity and effectiveness of the Japanese advance. With a new threat...
9 Apr 2019
Navigating the development of power projection as a middle power
Power projection provides policy makers with a unique tool set for engaging in sensitive regional and global affairs. As a middle power in a rapidly e...
8 Apr 2019
From a tyranny of distance to Australia forward: The evolution of Australia’s strategic policy (Part 1)
The rise of Indo-Pacific Asia is presenting a challenge to “business as usual” for Australia’s defence planners, calling into question the histo...
8 Apr 2019
Walls of sand, iron and fire: Understanding A2/AD
The rapid development of complex, integrated long-range strike and defensive weapons systems has served to reshape the global balance of power most pr...
1 Apr 2019
From the Tribal Class to Hunter: A history of women supporting Australian naval shipbuilding
With our brightest women continuing to excel in skilled and professional naval shipbuilding careers, industry has renewed its focus on securing the pe...

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